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Women’s Nutrition & Weight Loss by YOUtrition

We can’t tell you how excited and delighted we are to introduce you to our new women’s nutrition & weight loss expert YOUtrition.

Lucy and I have been keen to find specialists in a number of the areas we discuss on our blog, to ensure we are giving you the very best information and support, with the expertise you both need and deserve.

A great friend of mine, Nicole Martin from Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy introduced us to Sonia Grimes from YOUtrition, as she specialises in women’s nutrition & weight loss for those aged 40+ and felt we may be able to collaborate in some way.   After reading through YOUtrition’s site I knew there was real potential for us to work together.

After a long chat on the phone and hearing how passionate Sonia is about women’s health and how nutrition has pretty much changed her own life, I knew Life Begins At had found a kindred spirit and the universe had worked it’s magic in bringing us together, Nicole will love being referred to as the Universe! (I do mean in terms of her knowledge).

Since starting our blog, it has become blatantly clear food plays a hugely significant role in how we feel and look and the older we get the more important it becomes.  It can also help to alleviate menopausal symptoms, which we hope to cover more in the future.  Hence we wanted to find an expert on the subject.

I would now like to introduce you to Sonia and her business YOUtrition, what better way to do that than the brilliant lady herself telling you her story, and what a story it is…

Sonia – An Introducton

I’m Sonia, a weight loss specialist and nutritionist, based in Beaconsfield, Bucks.  I am passionate about women’s health.  To many of us focus on weight, not HEALTH.  Yet a healthy body is naturally SLIM.  A healthy body brings energy and a zest for life.  A healthy body means a focused, clear, positive mind, with good sleep and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

I have been asked many times recently, why I have decided to take a total change of direction in my career. What made me study to be a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach?  What makes me so passionate about woman’s health and weight?  I have a comfortable life with a wonderful son, lovely man and seemingly want for nothing.  However as with everyone else, what you see is only the smallest part of me.

women's nutrition & weight lossLet me explain, I am a 52 year old single mother who suffered devastating post-natal depression for years after the birth of my glorious son, to the point where I was hospitalised twice.  I have struggled most of my life with both drug and alcohol addictions, which thankfully, so thankfully, I have completely overcome without any of the formal interventions such as AA or NA, rehabilitation or even under the care of my doctor.  I did try them all, but none worked for me.

I was desperate for years, an intelligent woman who had so much, as to why I just couldn’t make the changes to save myself.  I was so sure that my addictions were going to kill me and leave my son without any parents – and believe me, he is the beat of my heart.   But I didn’t, I made the changes and honestly, after accepting the physical withdrawals and knowing that they were going to pass, with a new MINDSET it was EASY!  Unbelievable but true, so true.

I can have alcohol in the house without even really seeing it and have no desire whatsoever, no matter how stressful the day, to touch anything stronger than a herbal tea.  And drugs? I hate even to take a paracetamol!

My experiences have left me so grateful and relieved to be where I am now and so proud of myself.  They have also left me with a strong desire to help other women.  I am not a medical expert, I don’t want to be, but I know I am so well placed to support and empower because I truly understand how difficult CHANGE can be.  I also know, that once the mental shift has been made, everything is possible.

women's nutrition & weight loss

A slim body and excellent health really is ALL about the MINDSET.

We can have all the relevant information laid out in front of us but until we change the way we THINK about what we do, there is no long lasting change.  Just a struggle with our limited willpower resources and a sense of impending failure and hopelessness, because we just can’t get to where we want to be, and if we do get there, we worry that we  won’t be able to sustain our results.  Sounding familiar?

Excess weight is the biggest obstacle to good health and a healthy body is naturally SLIM. We all know what we should be doing to support our health, but knowing is often just not enough – if it was, there would be so much less illness and obesity.

If it was as easy as eating less and exercising more, we would all do it.   But it is not.  All our behaviours are driven by the way we THINK.  Let me help you change the way you think, about your relationship with food (after all it is just food) and watch how, as that relationship improves, your health, weight and your relationship with yourself and everyone you interact with improves too.

The key to good health, weight loss and looking and feeling younger is as simple as changing the FOODS you eat! The key to changing the FOOD you eat, is as simple as changing the way you THINK about the foot you eat

What you truly believe you can do, you WILL DO.  And I am here to show you how.


In case you are wondering what qualifies me to give advice on women’s nutrition & weight loss, let me reel off the various qualifications and courses I’ve undertaken and achieved. City & Guilds in Nutrition & Weight Management, City & Guilds in Sports Nutrition. All my Diploma courses are accredited by the Association Of Nutrition and they include, Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management, Pre & Post Natal Nutrition, Child Obesity & Prevention, Nutrition & Weight Management, Behaviour Change Coaching & Client Psychology & Motivation.  As well as these industry recognized courses, Sonia reads avidly on all aspects of nutrition and has completed numerous Life Coaching and NLP programs in London.

YOUtrition & LBA – What Next?

We hope you found Sonia’s story as inspirational and motivating as we did, if anyone can prove the right MINDSET can help you achieve anything, then it is Sonia!

What are LBA going to be doing with YOUtrition?  We will be sharing Sonia’s extensive expertise, on women’s nutrition & weight loss, in regular blogs on our site, some from her own site and some specifically written for us, together with healthy recipes and advice direct from YOUtrition.  We will also happily take any specific questions you may have and put these to Sonia and respond back to you, sometimes you may need to deal with Sonia directly, but we would discuss that with you if the need arises.

If you are already keen to get going on a HEALTHIER, SLIMMER you, then you can contact Sonia direct, to see if one of her courses will work for you.

Her approach is tailored to your specific needs, personal, supportive and engaging.  Sonia runs the enormously successful YOUtrition 8 Week Program, with small classes of up to 10 clients, and also works with clients on a one-to-one basis from her consulting room.

For more information on either the YOUtrition 8 Week Program or One-to-One sessions, please contact Sonia direct using the details below, or click on the logo to go to her website to find out more…

women's nutrition & weight loss


Phone: 07973 359135


As an aside and to support Nicole in return for her huge gift to us – if you run your own small business and are looking to outsource your marketing (in the Bucks area), I can’t recommend Nicole at Pinpoint Marketing highly enough.

An independent marketing consultancy specialising in working with small businesses to provide realistic and effective marketing help to grow and develop your business. We understand the small business market and its constraints and opportunities.  Click on the text box below to visit their site and find out more…

women's nutrition & weight loss




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    Recently came across this blog on FB and absolutely love it. As a 54 year old woman, going through the hot flushes and everything else connected to menopause have found it so refreshing exciting, and interesting for the content and the candour keep it up

    1. Lucy Teear

      Hi Siobhan, thank you it’s great to get feedback and please let us know if there’s any subject we should be covering.

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