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Your help is needed for some winter coat inspiration and guidance.  It’s definitely getting colder and my old winter coats have seen far better days and are somewhat out of fashion (if ever they were fashionable to start with), so I’ve decided it’s time to treat myself to a new coat and what better time than when the sales are on!  Hopefully I won’t be too late to pick one up, I was aiming to get this blog out before today but time has runaway, as usual.

I would love it if you could take a look at some of the coats I tried on this week and let me have your votes on which you think best suits me, I’ve numbered them to make it easy, just vote in the comments section below.

Obviously this blog isn’t all about me, I hope you also take some inspiration if you are in need of a new winter coat too.  As I am not a fashion expert, I have added links at the bottom of the blog to a couple of great articles on winter coats, which I hope will get you writing your Christmas list or simply treating yourself, let us know if you decide to buy any and if you are feeling really brave, why not send us a photograph of you in it?

By the way, if you’ve watched the Juice Challenge Vlog you may have noticed how much I frown, which I am also doing in some of these pics, I feel a Botox article coming on.


Coat 3 – has no fastenings

Coat 7 – also comes in Camel

Coat 8 – is zip up (hidden zip) – with leather look belt and trim

Coat 9 – very similar in style to Tommy Hilfiger, nice light blue lining, unfortunately a button fell off (that’s a whole other article on why buttons seem to be so poorly sewn on nowadays and potentially a phobia article – Koumpounophobia is a phobia of buttons, ask Lucy about it!)


Here are a couple of links to some fantastic articles on winter coats, from low budget to….. well break the bank and not have a summer holiday budget!  I suppose it is nearly Christmas, perhaps ask Santa for your favourite!

Marie Claire has handpicked the best coats for every style and budget, from high street heroes that’ll have you doing a double-take on the price tag to investment winter coats you’ll be cherishing for years.  Read more from Marie Claire

Winter coats are the first thing we think about once the weather turns colder, so it’s a good job we have so many to choose from… by Lauren O’Callaghan – Look Magazine

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  1. Lucy Teear

    Hey partner, I’m loving no 8 on you, which surprises me as usually look great in camel. Also love the top right long brown fur trimmed one in the main feature image but looks expensive! And thanks for mentioning buttons falling off… Yuk!! Buy the Oasis one x

  2. Karen

    Hi little sis, hard life you have!
    My 1st choice would be no.8 my second choice would be no.1 the others all make you look short, mind you that could be the photographers fault.

  3. Claire

    I really like no 8 on you and I also like no6 and no2!! I’d go for the warmest one!!

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