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Bladder leakage, you don’t have to suffer in silence:

Bladder leakage, there an awkward subject! And one that came up in conversation with a group of girlfriends recently and it wasn’t surprising to hear that almost all the group had, or were suffering from pelvic floor weakness. Shockingly over 9 million women suffer from incontinence but it’s a subject rarely discussed, with many suffering in silence due to shame or simply just think it’s something they have to put up with it… Well it’s not!

Having experienced a weak pelvic floor myself I’ve decided to champion this taboo, guessing if you want to be a maverick for womens health you have to put yourself out there and highlight uncomfortable subjects, right?! Even the beautiful Kate Winslet’s recently discussed the problem on the Graham Norton show, confessing “I can’t jump on trampolines anymore – I wet myself. It’s bloody awful”…. That makes you feel normal  hey! You can read Kate’s and others stories HERE

My issue wasn’t incontinence or bladder leakage but an urgency problem, commonly referred to as “key in the door” syndrome – The key’s in the front door and boom it’s a challenge to hold it. I travel a great deal and having to plan loo breaks was mighty inconvenient, not always easy to find either (many a bush has seen my backside… Not very ladylike!!)Petrol forecourts were also my nemeses, soon as I started filling up I need the loo and much jigging required to hold it… Weird! Note, I use past tense as THANKFULLY I have solved my problem, but I’ll go into how a little later.

So, what causes the pelvic floor to weaken?

We’ve covered this subject previously in more detail, which can be read HERE
But there’s a number of factors that lead to a weaken pelvic floor muscle, and reiterating….

 ‘Stress Urinary Incontinence’ which is leaking urine when you laugh, sneeze, jump, run or cough (sound familiar?) is often triggered by childbirth or peri/post menopause. It’s caused by a weakening of the muscles in the pelvic floor that surround the bladder and as consequence leakage occurs. Mine became noticeably weakened after chemo, which I put down to reduced oestrogen and subsequent peri-menopause… Chemo saved my life but left me physically battered!

But it’s treatable, with 75% of urinary incontinence being cured completely with targeted exercise and subtle changes of habits. This should be promoted, women suffering needlessly when there is a solution….

Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises):

What are ‘kegels’? Hands up those of you like me had never heard of “kegels”, let alone know how to do them?! Correctly exercising the pelvic floor muscle is not like doing sit-ups or the plank! It’s not easy to gauge if you’re doing it right. In-fact 50% of women taught how to do pelvic floor exercises verbally won’t contract them correctly. The best way to ensure you’re contracting correctly is to see a women’s health physiotherapist, who will examine your pelvic floor muscles to make sure there’s no under-lying problems, guide you on how to perform the exercises correctly and provide an individual exercise programme to achieve continence. I didn’t go the route of seeing a physio, I live in the middle of no-where and time’s restricted so I googled for help and found ‘PeriCoach’….

PeriCoach and getting my pelvic floor back in shape:

My first experience of PeriCoach was via this video, which REALLY made me laugh. I found it on ‘The Menopause Goddess” site (do check her out, she covers fab subjects and make me smile)… This tickled my sense of humour, hope it makes you chuckle a little too…

Pelvic Floor Fitness

Pericoach – The Pelvic Floor Personal Trainer!

Right, back to the serious side of leakage and how PeriCoach can help:

PeriCoach is a device designed to work with you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle through exercises. It’s inserted and has sensors to monitor your contractions, links to an app on your phone or iPad, enabling you to choose an exercise programme and provides visibility of the results . Completely taking the guesswork out of getting it right. And can even be used in-conjunction with your physiotherapist via a private on-line portal, allowing them to set a personal exercises programme and monitor your progress. It’s super easy to use, modern and portable (mine comes with me when travelling) and blimey it WORKS… My pelvic floor muscle’s in the best condition EVER!

I’ve been so impressed I offered up a personal review for their website. Please excuse the repetitive “actually” but provides an honest review…

Suffering and would like to experience PeriCoach for yourself?

We’ve a great opportunity; PeriCoach have kindly offered to gift a device to one lucky reader, so if you’re suffering from bladder control issues associated with a weak pelvic floor and would like to review the device please contact us via the ‘Contact page with your details and we’ll choose one luck reader.

You can check out more information on PeriCoach on their website: HERE 

Love Lucy x


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