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Vionic Shoes Help Improve Posture & Ease Pain

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I have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing a pair of Vionic shoes, which I should add were gifted, this has no sway on my opinion and all information in this blog are my own findings.
Vionic ShoesLet me begin by explaining why I decided to try these Vionic shoes out and why I feel they are relevant to our readers, as we do only try to write blogs we think you will find beneficial.

For years I have suffered with foot pain (bunions inherited from my mother), as well as back and neck pains, just ask Mr P he has spent many an hour massaging my feet or neck! These are ailments I generally just put up with and hadn’t ever thought a pair of shoes may be able to help.

When I was approached to review Vionic shoes and was sent some details on them, I was curious and keen to find out whether they would work or not.  The claim in the information I was sent stated “every pair of Vionic shoes aligns your feet to the correct position, neutral, to improve posture and help reduce pain in the knees, back and neck. Offering total support yet complete comfort.”

If they could help with my foot and neck pains, I was in! With the decision made to try them out, I next had to choose a pair of Vionic shoes from their AW16 range – oh decisions, decisions!  I decided to go for a pair I would get a lot of wear from, in order to put them through their paces, so to speak!  Here are the pair I chose – which arrived quickly, extremely well packed and in perfect condition.

Vionic Shoes

These are the Malia waxed leather boot, which have a grooved sole, which give great grip and makes it the perfect boot for enjoying the outdoors.  I had expected orthotic shoes to be, shall we say, a little frumpy, but these are surprisingly stylish and fashionable.  I wore them recently and a very fashionable 2o something friend said how much she liked them!

The Malia boot design is right up my street, I love a buckle on a boot and the leather is fantastic quality.  You can get these on sale right now by clicking here Vionic Malia Leather Boot.

However, before you do that I expect you’d like to know how I got on with them.

Vionic Shoes – Malia Boot Review

When you receive your Vionic shoes, you are advised to wear them for only a few hours at a time for the first few days, as you may take some time to adjust to the built-in biomechanical orthotic (don’t worry, I’ll come on to that!).

I tried them on instantly – well who wouldn’t, shiny new shoes and all that.  You can instantly feel the difference in support on the bottom of your feet, I particularly felt the support in the arches of my feet.

They got their first proper outing the next day, a bit of Christmas shopping around my local town.  They are just the right length to wear with skinny jeans, which also means you get to show them off fully.

Vionic Shoes

I spent a couple of hours walking around the shops and the shoes gave me constant support.  I did have one issue with them and that was they were a little too narrow for my feet (remember the bunions), but because they are made of leather, they are now starting to give a little and have become more comfortable, as with most leather shoes, they do start to give and soften. I should mention there are some styles with a wide fit option.

They’ve had a few outings since, one of which was a 6 hour trip around London, they were extremely comfortable and the balls of my feet, with which I usually suffer, didn’t hurt at all.  Unlike when I’ve worn other flat boots on shopping excursions, when I end up with a very sharp pain in my foot.

I haven’t experienced any shin or knee pain, although I don’t often experience them any way and neither have I had any neck pain, which I do tend to get when on a shopping trip, carrying my handbag and shopping bags.

Needless to say, I am rather a fan of my first pair of Vionic Shoes.

Vionic Shoes – The Technology

Earlier I mentioned biomechanical orthotics and FMT technology, which I doubt means anything to you at all, let me explain:-

This innovative orthotic technology is based on more than 30 years of podiatric success, FMT Technology helps reduce over-pronation which can relieve associated common pains.  The founder of Vionic is far better placed to explain how the technology works, please click on the video link below, I was genuinely surprised by what can cause aches and pains throughout your body:-

Vionic ShoesEvery pair of Vionic shoes features built in FMT technology which aligns feet to the correct position, neutral. This improves your overall posture and helps to reduce aches in the feet, knees, back and neck. I never realised unsupportive shoes could cause so many problems.

A Selection of Vionic Shoes Available in the UK

From sandals, to flats, boots to slippers and trainers to wedges there is bound to be a style to suit you.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of all the styles of shoes, I would like to see some more fashion styles, but I do understand they need to appeal to a wide market, as so many people suffer from foot, leg and back pains.  Let’s be honest, if you are in pain you are likely to care more about reducing the pain than the fashion element, I was delighted to find a number of styles which I genuinely liked, some of which are currently on sale visit Vionic Shoe Sale

So, whether you’re off on a long country walk, heading to the office or relaxing at home, you and your feet will be well prepared this year with a pair of Vionic shoes.

There is also an added bonus, if you’re not satisfied with the results within the first 30 days of wearing your new Vionic Shoes, you can return them for your money back!

The Vionic range is stocked in more than 120 outlets in the UK, and is available to buy on the Vionic website; please visit

My Conclusion

Even though I was sceptical a pair of shoes could prevent foot and other aches and pains, I have been genuinely surprised.  Yes, I would like to see some more fashionable styles but there is sufficient choice to try them out and start gettng some relief.

Initially I thought they were a bit pricey but the Malia boots I received are very good quality and really sturdy, so should last a long time.  Plus it’s not unusual to pay in excess of £100 for a pair of fashion boots but without the added benefit of orthotics, ultimately they are good value for money.  If you simply wouldn’t pay that much for a pair of shoes, it’s worth looking in the sale section!

I would like to have a wide fit option, which would have meant they would have been 100% comfortable from the first wear for me, but I do have wide feet and bunions and the boots have given a little now. With the 30 day free return option you get the benefit of trying them for a few days to make sure they are right for you.

Would I recommend Vionic Shoes – YES I would.

Happy shopping!

Diane xx

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