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I was delighted to be contacted prior to Christmas by Daphnee from Unibox, who had read our blog and seen I had a son who was at University and wondered if I would like to give him one of their Unibox Student Gift Boxes to try.

Interestingly a couple of years ago, Lucy and I dabbled with the idea of setting up a business to put together sets of essential items students would need when moving out from home, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to dedicate to it, so it was one idea we let go (if you’ve read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert you will know what I mean – you can read Lucy’s review here Book Review).

Which is why I was keen to see what Unibox was all about and so happily took them up on their offer of a free box to trial.  If you’re quick (by midnight tomorrow 15.1.17) you can get a free box too – details near the bottom.

Unibox – The Subsription Package for Uni Students

So what’s the idea behind Unibox?

The Unibox is a service for parents, family and friends of university students. Every month they will send out a care package with the best and most appropriate content to enhance your loved one’s university experience. The perfect student hamper.  You can sign up for a one month delivery, which would work well as a gift or subscribe for 3 or 6 months, whichever suits you best.

The idea of the higher end products is to introduce new and different products students wouldn’t necessarily think of getting themselves to try.  In the future they aim to incorporate some everyday items whilst trying to keep the special gift feel going.

Each Unibox will contain wholesome treats, fun and useful items, mini uni mag and a handwritten message, with box contents changing each month.

Our Experience

I was asked if I’d like to include a gift message, which I did and which you can also do if you order on line.  The Unibox arrived at my home a few days later, I’d asked to have it sent to Josh at home as Uni was just finishing for Christmas, normally the boxes are sent to students at Uni.  I must admit I’d forgotten it was coming, so it was a surprise for both of us!


It didn’t take long for Josh to rip it open, hence the box looks a bit bent, that was just a boy opening something, it actually came immaculately presented!

Once he’d got the box open, we both took great pleasure seeing what goodies were inside!  The message I’d given to Unibox was actually handwritten on a card in an envelope, which was a lovely touch, made it very personal.

The contents of the box were all great quality products.  Both Josh and I did feel that the majority were more appropriate for females, which I have fed back to Unibox and they told me they are working on creating boxes more tailored to each gender rather than unisex, which I personally think is a great idea.

What goodies did Josh get in his box…

NomNom Chocolate (made in Wales)
Puriton 100% Natural Protein Shake
Spare Fruit (100% Fruit Crisps)
Teapigs (Popcorn flavour)
Teech App (£20 voucher to try the teaching mentoring app)
Bubbleoff! (vegan and cruelty free bottle of Tonka Bean & Lime Room Spray)
Unibox Student Card Holder (a student card holder which attached to your phone)
Voost (effervescent calcium and vitamin D tablets)
Personalised Card
Tub the Unibox magazine


The student card holder is an inspired idea, all students have their phones with them and nowadays mobile phones seem to contain everything they need, except their student card, now they can stick it to the back of their phones!

I’ve yet to receive feedback on all the products but Josh seemed to enjoy the NomNom chocolate, even though it was dark chocolate!  The apple crisps weren’t his favourite snack, but I like the idea of trying to get him to eat more healthily!  The room spray is lovely and a great idea to keep those tiny uni rooms smelling good, he may have thought it was a bit girly but as a mother I’m pretty sure his room could do with a good spritz!  As for the tea pigs, I might be giving those a try, they sound lush!

All in all, I think girls will love the box and I’m reliably informed Unibox have had very high reviews from female students.  Male students will appreciate it I’m sure and with future changes tailoring the boxes it won’t be long before there are many more excellent reviews from they boys!

I’ve taken a little while to get this blog written, which unfortunately means I’m not given you much time to get your first box free!  If you can get on and register by midnight tomorrow (15.1.17) you can get the January box delivered to your chosen recipient.  January boxes start shipping on the 16th January – so a lovely welcome back to Uni after the Christmas and New Year break.

How Do You Get Yours

It’s so simple (I’ve ordered one for someone else).  All you need to do is follow the link below (just click on the Unibox logo) and when you check out just add MYUNIBOX in the apply offer box, that get’s your first one free.  You can cancel your subscription or pause it at anytime.


Whether you want a one off gift or a monthly reminder to your loved ones at university that you are thinking of them, Unibox is a great idea and don’t we all love to receive a surprise gift!

I truly wish the company well, it such a fab idea and I can see it going from strength to strength.

Love Diane xx

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