Tattoos and Finding your Magic in 2016

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Tattoos and my magic

Tattoos and finding your magic in 2016, there’s a subject to stretch the imagination and one inspired by “Elizabeth Gilbert” book “Big Magic” (a must read if you’re looking for your creativity). So where’s this going on the Eve of a brand new year…

Christmas with Teear is always a lottery, never the slightest idea of what he’s planning as a present, could be anything from a bread-maker to a skydiving experience. And certainly not the thing you’ve hinted at! But last year he pulled the surprise present of all surprises, a voucher with a local award-winning tattoo artist – Really VERY unexpected, an exciting “Avant Garde” gift (for me anyway!) with a great dollop of trepidation attached. Not exactly completely random, as for years I’ve procrastinated about wanting a piece of body art. But fear of permanently inking my body, a 46-year-old body at that held me back… What would people think, what would my children think?

Well, who cares what others think, right?

I do, I’m pretty sure most of us do! Of course we care, but why? What stops us doing the things that evokes our hearts to sing? is it a fear of being judged, criticized for not conforming to the stereotypical image? Sure, that’s the battle I fleetingly had when presented with this opportunity. But after 17 years together Teear knows just how to nudge me into doing something – Can always be relied on to push me over the precipice. Sometimes a little push is helpful!

It took a full twelve months of searching before deciding on a design, including two aborted appointments. Finding what I thought was right only to listen to that nagging voice “it’s not quite it” and legging it before the inked needle could hit the skin. So, I maybe braver at 46, but a darn-sight less fearless and reckless too. Plus a life time of mistakes teaches you to not compromise!

By the time I’d found the one, and really was like a light switching on, illuminating… That’s it, a symbol full of meaning to me. Only then was I excited to get it done! After the previous bolting incidents convincing Mr Beard (the tattooist) I wasn’t a complete time waster had to be addressed! Had I thought it through, It’s a big tattoo for a first one, did I really want to go ahead? Three hours later, a painful three hours later I was permanently inked… Took some composing and a full minute, shaking with adrenalin before daring to look… Phew, it was beautiful, everything I’d hoped it would be, a risk worth taking, even if a well considered risk.

Tattoo & Finding Your Magic - Lotus Flower & Om Symbol.

My Tattoo & Finding My Magic – Lotus Flower & Om Symbol.

I’m not sure if it’s going through a life changing illness, or the universe mystically provided a personal bravery fairy, sprinkling a covering of courage dust! But whatever the reason I’m extremely thankful, as walked out of that tattoo parlour feeling elated. I felt young, interesting and exciting.

Look, I’m not encouraging you all to go out and get tattoos. But you’ll certainly have something that’s been sitting in your subconscious, whispering in your ear, an itch daring to be scratched! I’m just encouraging listening to that whisper and exploring that itch. And maybe, just maybe take the plunge, go outside your comfort zone and take the risk on your thing…. Enjoy the childlike giddy delight of doing or achieving something that makes you smile with glee. I found mine in a piece of body art but what’s yours?

Changing a hairstyle, changing your job, changing your lover?!
Moving to the country, moving to the city, moving to another country altogether?
Buying a boat, writing a book, starting a business?
Learning to act, swim, sing, dance, fly, speak french, walk the tightrope, play the trombone?…. 

The list is endless and I could be here all day highlighting possibilities. I heard a saying today which I loved so much I had to include: “Time Flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”. Whatever it is, make 2016 the year you stepped outside the circle of security, explored the frontiers of possibility and found your MAGIC. 

Oh, by the way my children loved my tattoo. Judgement is sometimes clouded by fear.

My aborted ideas: I still love the pressed fairy but my son kept referring to it as a dead fairy… put me off somewhat!

Lady Cottingham Pressed Fairy tattoo

Lady Cottingham Pressed Fairy Tattoo.


Hamsa Hand Tattoo - A Buddhist Protection Symbol

Hamsa Hand Tattoo – A Buddhist Protection Symbol


My awesome tattooist:


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