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We all love great jewellery and fashion accessories, they completely set off a new outfit or give a new lease of life to an old favourite!  With Stella & Dot you get exceptional design and quality and something a little bit different from the norm.

I found out about Stella & Dot when I went to a friends trunk show (think the old Tupperware parties but so much more exciting and rewarding).  I have to admit telling myself beforehand “I’m only going to support my friend, I’m definitely not buying anything”.  Chance would be a fine thing!


Not only did I end up buying a couple of rings, a bracelet and a gorgeous little clutch purse, I also bought into the whole concept of Stella & Dot!  Hence I am writing this blog.

Who Are Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot, is a social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Their boutique-style jewellery and fashion accessories line is available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online.

STELLA & DOT JEWELLERY & FASHION ACCESSORIESThe CEO and FOUNDER Jessica Herrin, mother of two and mentor to many, had a vision to create a new kind of company that would offer today’s busy woman a career alternative. As co-founder of (as featured on Oprah!), Jessica wanted to use her savvy to help solve the modern woman’s dilemma: achieving success and balance through a career you love. Never one to go with the status quo, Jessica felt that the typical home based business just didn’t deliver. With lacklustre product, high pressure sales tactics, and old school marketing methods, inventory was ending up in people’s wardrobes with little profit in their pockets.

Jessica’s vision called for an entirely new concept that could guarantee women flexibility, reward, style, profit and fun. With an irresistible product and exceedingly personal service, a proven formula for passionate earning and personal success was born.

I particularly LOVE their mission…

Our Mission:


On the surface we design irresistible, world-renowned accessories, but at our core there
is something much greater at work.


Before leaving the Trunk Show, I had a quick chat with Emma, the Stella & Dot Stylist, and told her about our blog and that I would like to write a piece about my experience.  Emma is so passionate about the business and asked if I would be interested in becoming a Stylist too.  Seriously, this is not what I had in mind when I turned up!

After a short chat I said I thought I only wanted to write the blog and agreed to send over my details the next day.  As fate would have it, I left behind the brochures Emma had given me so I contacted her to see if I could get some more and we agreed to meet up for a coffee, plus I wanted to order another ring and needed to borrow Emma’s ring size guide!

Within a few days Emma and I met at a local coffee shop and I started picking her brains about how and why she got involved with Stella & Dot, it was very apparent how much she enjoyed being a Stylist and in particular being her own boss, meeting other people and having another purpose outside of bringing up the children and running a home and, like me, Emma loves the jewellery.  We chatted for quite some time and I left feeling enthused, excited and promising to get back to Emma to let her know if I was going to become a Stylist!!!

24 hours later I knew I wanted to get involved with Stella & Dot but was concerned to what level I could commit my time.  I spoke some more with Emma and Lucy and we decided it would be great to offer our readers the opportunity to buy from their unique and clever pieces.  There is bound to be something you like!

Not only that, if any of you are looking for an interesting and exciting way of boosting your income, or are keen to run your own business, as and when it fits in with your own life, you can also join the team!  At this stage it would be via Emma, as we aren’t ready to set up a team, but Emma would be delighted to hear from you, her contact details are at the bottom of the article if you’re interested and want to find out more.

About Stella & Dot Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

If you’d just like to do a bit of window shopping, click on the image below, which will take you through to our site, if you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me via email:


You can also take a quick look at the Spring ’16 Collection of beautiful jewellery and fashion accessories by clicking on the video below – which will give you a taster!

What the video may not show you is how versatile and innovative some of the pieces are, in that one necklace can be worn in a number of ways, giving you more than once piece of jewellery for the price of one.  This is achieved by having removable pieces or chains, so what starts as a 3 chain necklace can be a 1, 2 or 3 piece, see the image below as an example, but do go to the website to see the full selection of versatile pieces, from simple chains to glamorous chunkier pieces.

The quality is also amazing.  I’ve bought so many “plated” pieces of costume jewellery, only to find after a few wears the plate is rubbing off and I have to throw them away.  With Stella & Dot they design using a mix of materials like semi-precious stones, resins, crystals, glass, .925 sterling silver, bronze, 18-24 carat gold vermeil, and hand-painted enamel.

I hadn’t hear of “vermeil” so looked it up, which gave me huge confidence in the standard and longevity of their jewellery.  Vermeil is gold plated sterling silver.  It has a lot more gold than other gold plated pieces and is regulated by the FTC and has to have a minimum gold thickness of 2.5 microns on all surfaces.  A Vermeil piece of jewellery is made entirely of precious metals, which gives the piece an intrinsic value.  Vermeil jewellery should maintain the look of yellow gold for many, many years.  Yippee, costume jewellery which will last and last!




Stella & Dot have released some of their summer collection early, so if you are planning an early summer break, or would just like to see what delights they have in store for the summer months, click on the photo!




Interested in becoming a Stylist for Stella & Dot?  Contact Emma Dixson via email:

I hope you enjoyed reading about this fantastic company and their beautiful collection of jewellery and fashion accessories.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’d love to help in any way I can.  Watch out on Twitter and Facebook for pictures of the pieces I’ve already treated myself to!

Diane x

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