Breast Cancer Twice

Second Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Battling Breast Cancer Twice, Terrific!

Yep, that’s right folks I’ve got breast cancer…. AGAIN!! And ain’t gonna lie, feels pretty darn sucky! I’m a healthy eater, fittest I’ve been EVER and have 6yrs cancer free tucked nicely under my belt, so comes totally unexpected! Only 2wks in on this journey and had to think it through before deciding to document it on “Life Begins At” (weirdly felt a little self indulgent). But we’re all about supporting, encouraging and empowering women to overcome adversity, so time to put my money where my mouth is, be a warrior and take on this challenge with gusto and positivity. And might just help to share, right?

Therefore, I’m writing a kind of journal, to include treatment, emotions and maybe a few photos (if not too freaky deaky!) and those close can dip in for an update, saving repeating myself and ultimately depressing the crap out of myself by constantly talking cancer updates! Try to keep it short and punchy, but here goes….

Part One – Crappy Diagnosis..

Rewind 3wks to a routine annual mammogram, a month late because I’m a div! After 6yrs of clear mammograms you become a wee bit blasé – prompted by a second letter I attend, confident it’ll be clear like every other year, WRONG…. A letter dropped a week later recalling me for further investigation. Um, small twinge of worry but not panic, it’ll simply be a poor quality picture that just requires another squishing of the boobs in the vice. I sit in the breast screening clinic waiting room, read outdated gossip in well-thumbed, trashy mags and wait for my name to be called. Women come after and go ahead of me – that’s annoying, I’m too busy to be forgotten. A polite excuse me to the receptionist, she checks and says “you’re seeing the Doctor and the other ladies are having mammograms”…. Holy F’ing Cow!!!!!

Long story short, I had an anomaly on the left side (opposite boob to last time), looks like a cyst on the ultrasound, perfectly round and black (not like last time). The only concern is the lymph nodes are swollen, but could simply be down to an infection. They try to drain the cyst and nothing happens, stubbornly remaining intact and I can tell the radiography is concerned and decides to take a biopsy, the nurse kindly strokes my arm which sets my eyes off leaking a little – I’m reminded of a time I’d long since buried.

I know the score, it’ll be a week before I’m recalled for the results. Pushing it to the back of mind I crack on with everyday life and tell myself it’s a cyst, due to my history it’ll probably need removing and I’ll be less blasé in future, promise! Having miss-read the letter I arrive an hour late for the results appointment (christ I’m shite!). The receptionist tells me Mr Harrisha needs to see me and I’ve to wait (that ain’t good). What follows is a deja vu moment; the very same consultant who delivered the bad news 6yrs ago delivers the very same bad news “You have breast cancer”. I’ve to have a CT scan to check it’s not travelled further than the lymph nodes, great!

So, that’s where I am today, waiting  – The CT scan’s scheduled for Wednesday Oct 5th at 11am to assess the situ – followed by a treatment plan. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, really positive to freaking out, just want to get it out of my body… Constantly scanning, looking for pains, indications it’s elsewhere and believe me you find them when in a state of anxiety! Today is a good day, the sun is shining and trying to breath and not hold my breath (do that when nervous!)

I’m distracting myself with getting myself match fit, I’ve given up alcohol, bought super strength milk thistle to prepare my liver for the inevitable chemo (it’s in my lymph nodes so no avoiding I fear!), bought a bumper load of turmeric root to juice (great cancer fighter), walking lots and meditating to get my mind focused. By far the greatest preparation is my supportive family and amazing girlfriends who are circling at the ready to keep me laughing  (I’m blessed with the best friends – almost embarrassed to ask it from them again!)

Ironically October is breast cancer awareness month, so go check yourselves and be thorough as I can only find my 5mm lump by REALLY searching. Here’s what to look for and how: Check Yourself  – If you’re worried Breast Cancer Care are a great source of knowledge and always available to talk to.

Fingers crossed for a good result from Wednesdays scan and I’ll be back with an update.

Love Lucy x

Life Begins At Supports Breast Cancer Care

Life Begins At Supports Breast Cancer Care




  1. Diane Richardson Clarke

    Kick arse Lucy! You’re one hell of a fighter and so courageous to write about your personal experience x thinking of you on Wednesday and sending positive messages out to the universe, with a side helping of fairy dust xx

  2. Nikki Harrison

    I`m extremely proud and honoured to have you as a friend, you amaze me at how you deal with whatever life throws at you , and your grit and determination to battle on with what can only be described as another cruel blow. it`s so courageous of you to share your story with everyone and if anyone can beat this its you. Good luck for Wednesday take care love you always

  3. Anca

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this again. I hope tomorrow will bring some good news. Hugs x

  4. Sally Boxhall

    Oh Lucy, this must have been a horrible shock (again) after being so well. This bastard cancer – you take it by the scruff of the neck & kick into touch, just as you did before. If anyone can do it, its you. By speaking so honestly, you have been a support & inspiration to a lot of people. Just do what you need to do to get better – quickly – we still need to arrange that school friends catch up remember?! Lots of love & mega positive vibes coming your way xxx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Sal, it is a right bastard but I’m ready and up for it! And really feeling those positive vibes 🙂 YES we do, lets’ get it organised Xxx

  5. Claire

    Oh Lucy, Charles and I have just read your blog and can’t believe it. It’s just cruel enough that anyone has to battle cancer in the first place but for a second time is particularly shit. We remember how brave you were last time and we know that with your courage and determination and the love and support of Chris, your boys, your family and friends you will do it again. If we can be of any help at any time, please let us know. It’s inspiring and courageous that you’re sharing your experience on your blog. We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Love from Claire & Charles xx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Claire, thank you lovely lady. When we’re back in Northamptonshire (hopefully coming back to a village location) we’ll have to get together for a catch up Xx

  6. Amy

    Absolutely the right thing to share your story, you’re so brave I’m in awe! I’m sure tomorrow will be fine, I’m glad I can be there for you & P this time xxxxx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey beautiful daughter (in law)…. I’ll not be going anywhere soon, I’ve munchkin grandchildren to watch grow up Xx

  7. Belinda

    You are truly amazing Lucy, sharing your story and thoughts,
    Hate all the “keep fighting, stay strong” but kick its arse into the next millennium. Xxxx

  8. Louise Bolger

    Thinking of you Lucy. Good luck tomorrow! We’ll go back to that little piece of paradise in the Spanish mountains to celebrate when you’ve finished kicking it’s arse!! Xx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Lou, definitely holding you to that promise – It’ll keep me going, knowing there’s a retreat in our special place waiting at the end 🙂 XX

  9. Lisa M B

    Lucy, you really do put life into perspective. There’s me still freaking out about finding a worm in my salad and then there’s you. You who is preparing the fight, Rocky Balboa style. I salute you. Here’s to plenty of hugs (oh yes I will), shite loads of fairy dust, maybe even some sunshine umbrellas … we’ll be here every step of the way. (And tomorrow, I’ll eat a salad.) Love you to the moon and back x

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey LMB… That worm incident is not a minor trauma!!! But I’ll take that fairy dust and the sunshine umbrellas, put them in my pocket and use them when in need of some rainbow love. Love you to moon & back too Xxxx

  10. Teear

    You can kick it’s nasty, mutated ass again. No problem. You have the strength, courage and power to do it all again, and if you should falter (which you won’t) I’ll be there to do anything you need to help you thru it with hugs and weird tea and Raiki and other mumbo….Teear. X

  11. hannah

    Gosh I’m so sorry Lucy! But you sound extremely determined and prepared so I’ve no doubt you’re gonna kick its arse! xx


  12. Sally Lawrence

    Hi Lucy

    I am so sorry to hear your news. I’m know your attitude will get you through this and if there is anything I can do please ask. Like everyone else I’ll be thinking of you and sending out positive vibes. Lots of love Sally xxx

  13. Gail

    Only just read your blog. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling but you know from these messages that you have the support of a great group. Take care and all the best

  14. Sharyn

    God you are amazing Lucy.
    I am absolutely blessed to have walked thru that door 7 years ago in Leicester Borders to meet you for the first time. My partner (against crimes committed of the shopfit kind). From first sight I just KNEW we’d be friends FL. Love you immensely. Always by your side. Wherever we are – oceans wide, valleys deep – the bond of the sisterhood runs true. Xxxxxx forever your friend xxx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Blimey woman, what you doing to me… Got an emotional hangover from anaesthetic, now I’m bawling and telling Teear how much I flipping LOVE Shazza – which I truly do. Meeting you that day was serendipity, meant to be. Be sure my friend as you’re at mine, I am at your side also… Always Xxx

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