Remove Negativity From Your Life

Remove Negativity From Your Life

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How do you remove negativity from your life? For a couple of weeks now I’ve not been my usual positive self, nothing major, just a general lack of motivation and get up and go!

I’ve had enough of it now, I’ve got far too much to get on with to be sitting around feeling constantly jaded and this blog is the beginning of me giving myself a kick up the arse and getting my mojo back!

It’s easy to get in to a downward spiral of non activity and, from past experience, I know it can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety if you let yourself procrastinate for any length of time.  But what can you do about it?  The longer you let yourself feel this way, the harder it is to pick your spirits up.

Which is why I am on a mission to find the best ways to remove negativity from my life, I’ve had mild depression a couple of times and I definitely don’t want to go back there.

Live A Happier Life By Changing Your Thoughts

First of all I know I need to change my thought process.  Rather than thinking “I can’t be bothered” or “I’m too tired” I need to replace these thoughts with positive affirmations.  OK easier said than done! Or is it?

By simply replacing the negative words in the sentence with positive alternatives you can start to feel happier; “I CAN be bothered” and “I’m NOT tired” – even if you initially don’t feel that way, if you say it to yourself and get up and start doing, you will quickly start to feel positive about what you are doing.  You need to work at reprogramming your brain and the more you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, the happier you feel.  REMEMBER it’s the inactivity which is more than likely making you feel tired and not bothered, so get out of that vicious circle.

Don’t take my word for it, have a listen to Alison Ledgerwood on TED Talk, explaining why it’s harder to think of the glass half full as opposed to half empty.  It’s a great little video which really made me think about my mindset and why it’s so important to remember what’s good in your life rather than what’s bad.

Remove Negativity

Accept negative things happen, they’re inevitable.  Not everybody is going to agree with you or even like you – it’s just the way of the world.  It doesn’t matter how incredible you are, there will always be someone who just simply doesn’t like you.  Believe me, it’s taken a long time to get that one into my head, like most people I want to be liked, but no longer to the detriment of my own well being, you can only try so much before you just have to let it go.

Trying to please everyone is an impossible mission, if you get this, you can freely be yourself and the good people will come right to you.

Remove Negativity From Your Life

There’s A Lesson In Everything

The old adage “look on the bright side” is far easier said than done.  So how about looking at it slightly differently? In that “there is a lesson in everything”, no matter what the negativity you’ve encountered there is nearly always something to learn and become better from.  This allows you change the negative thoughts into positives and take something away from the experience other than damaged confidence or hurt.

Let It Go

It’s very easy to concentrate on the negative things in life, but this will have no benefit to your well being.  Instead you need to concentrate on what is good and let the bad stuff go.  Another tip which isn’t so easily done!  But it really isn’t impossible, a couple of tips which can work:-

  1.  Meditation – this is how I clear my mind of negative thoughts.  It truly lightens the heaviness that day to day troubles can cause.  Take a look at these two blogs which will give you more information, one by me and one by guest blogger Nurture Happy What Mindfulness is Teaching Me About Myself and Meditation What, Why & How.
  2. Write a Journal – if you’ve had the day from hell, have low self esteem or are just feeling down, why not put pen to paper.  Write down at least 3 positive things about yourself or great things which have happened during your day.  It’s best to do this when you’ve settled down in bed or when you’re relaxing after you’ve finished your days work.  What’s really great about this is when you are having bad days in the future, you can pick your journal up and read back over the amazing things about yourself and life.

Remove Negativity From Your Life

Put It Out There

There’s another old adage “you reap what you sow”, now, we tend to think of this in a negative way, in that something you’ve done will at some point have repercussions, i.e. you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions.  So what if your actions are POSITIVE and the consequences are good ones?

I truly believe in this and you can read so much about on the internet and in books.  My favourite way of looking at it is the universe will provide theory.  If you focus on positive things the universe will provide them in the same way if you dwell on the negative that is what you will receive, otherwise known as the universal law of attraction.

Remove Negativity From Your Life


I know this “mumbo jumbo” isn’t for everyone (I only say mumbo jumbo as those who don’t believe will probably look at it that way), but if you seriously want more from life and want to change your mindset from negative to positive, I would highly recommend you read The Secret.

It’s an easy and short read and may just be what you need to reset your thought process and remove negativity from your life. Just click on the orange text above to order your copy and read reviews.
If you’re looking for inspiration on how to find your own creativity or passion in life, then Big Magic could be just the book for you, click on the link to read Lucy’s review.  I’ve just re-read it and the following extract jumped out at me “stop procrastinating “You need to just do it!””

As I haven’t read the book myself, I feel this was a message from the Universe that I need to!  I’m off to download it on my Kindle – please do not disturb!

Diane xx

P.S.  I’m already feeling far more positive – why?  Because I’ve just written this in one sitting and it’s lifted my spirits and energy, I’ve started to remove negativity!  I hope it helps any of you who are feeling like I have been x


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