Pillow Which Stays Cool - Chillow Pillow

Pillow Which Stays Cool – Chillow®

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Do you want a pillow which stays cool?

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve wanted a pillow which stays cool.  I constantly struggle with being too warm at night, especially in the summer months and more recently due to the perimenopause!  I bet a lot of you have done the same as me, constantly turning the pillow over, or moving it around to find the one tiny cool spot still left?

I even got to the point of wanting to invent a pillow which stays cool and started looking on line to see how it might be done.  RESULT, Soothsoft Ltd had already invented one – the Chillow®!

Not one to hang about, I found the contact details of the company and emailed them to see whether they would like me to review it on our blog, I was delighted with a very swift response saying they would.

For the last couple of weeks I have been using the Chillow® and have been completely won over, it really does do what it says on the tin!

UPDATE 16.6.16 – we’ve been informed the Chillow is currently out of stock but the Chillow Plus is still available.  Please be aware of cheap copycat versions on the internet that are made using plastic!

You can get your Chillow Plus from The Personal Cooling Centre.

The Review

Pillow Which Stays Cool - ChillowMy Chillow® pad arrived by post and I couldn’t wait to open it.  It came with detailed instructions on how to “activate” it. I’d also been told by Mark at Soothsoft that in order to get the very best out of the product you needed to carefully follow the instructions.

With this in mind, I read through the instructions twice, made sure I had everything I needed to get going and then set about the four step instructions.  It does take a while to go through the process, as you need to ensure you slowly add the water, then leave it to rest for 4 hours, before you go through the slightly tricky process of rolling out any excess air.  NOTE  if you don’t do this properly your Chillow® won’t be as effective, so make sure you take your time.

During the rolling process water will come out of the valve, don’t panic, it’s meant to.  Make sure you have a towel underneath to soak up any spillage.  You may also need to repeat this process, to ensure all the air is out.  Then I left it to set, which allows it to fully cool down.  Once you have activated your Chillow® there is no need to reactivate, it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

By bedtime it was ready to use, I decided to put it on top of my normal pillow, inside the pillow case, which worked perfectly, as the flocked side sticks to the pillow.

The Chillow® feels like a slim piece of memory foam when you lay your head on it, very comfortable.  It was definitely cool to rest my head on and I enjoyed putting my hand and wrist on the pillow too, as this helped to keep me cool.

I didn’t have any flushes the first night I used it, but I did the second, so was able to put it through its paces. My flush was on my chest, so I simply moved the my pillow down, so my chest was resting on the bottom and my head on the top, it cooled me down in seconds – absolute bliss!  Anyone who suffers hot sweats or flushes at night will have an idea of how amazing it feels having something to cool you down.

During the 2 weeks I was testing the Chillow®, we had a couple of cold nights and I actually found the pad too cool, which I never thought I would say in a million years.  I just took the Chillow® out and laid it on a flat surface. I also found it stayed cool for longer than the guidance notes said it would, which was an added bonus.  That said, not everyone will have the same experience, it’s dependent on how well you activated your Chillow® and how warm you get.

Would I recommend this product?  It’s a resounding YES from me, I actually can’t wait for the summer, knowing I will be able to get to sleep much easier and stay asleep, as I won’t have to flip my pillow constantly.  I truly have found the answer to having a pillow which stays cool and I couldn’t be happier!  (Well perhaps if I won the lottery, or someone bought me a house in the country but definitely happier with my sleep and control of flushes).

Who Is The Chillow® Good For?

I was amazed at just how many groups of people could benefit from a Chillow®, I understood the benefits for menopausal women and people like me who struggle with being too hot at night and just need a pillow which stays cool, but was amazed at the following list, which shows just how versatile the product is.   Chillow® is recommended to relieve hot flushes, overheating and discomfort caused by:-

  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy patients
  • Hormone therapy
  • Menopausal flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Pregnancy
  • Migraine
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Swollen joints
  • Eczema
  • Irritating skin conditions
  • Restless legs
  • High fever

Watch the following short video from Dr Chris Steele MBE (who you may have seen on This Morning), where he explains how some cancer patients suffer with flushes and night sweats, both men and women, as well as women going through the menopause…

Chillow® is your personal cooling and comfort aid, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day and night. Helping you get a better night’s sleep.  Did you know men – are literally “hotter” in bed than women?  You may have noticed your other halves pillow tends to be sweat stained or damp, that’s because it’s a medical fact men get hotter at night than women, so they too can benefit from the cooling properties of the Chillow®.

Chillow® is cool not cold, dry not wet, soft not hard.  It uses now power and is allergy free.  Chillow® quickly reduces your core body temperature, dissipating heat from affected areas of the body to give blissful relief.

It has also been tried and tested for many years and is now recognised by the British Migraine Action Association, The National Eczema Association and many NHS Oncology units.

How Does It Work?

This personal cooling solution uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to provide cooling without using electricity or refrigeration. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the Chillow® stays at room temperature which is always cooler than your body. It absorbs heat from your body and releases it into the air around you. The Chillow® is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold because cold is uncomfortable to our bodies.

The following video helped me to get my head around how it works, so take a look, it’s pretty impressive!

You don’t even have to believe my review… with over 1,000,000 Chillow’s sold in the UK and all over the world, the success of this product speaks for itself.

If you’re interested in getting some cooling relief for yourself, or partner click on this box 
A Pillow Which Stays Cool - Chillow






And get this, there is also a version for your pets!  Seriously, did you know your pet is likely to be hot all year round, not just in the summer?  Now you can keep your pet cool and comforable with the original Canine Cooler. Made with Soothsoft Technology, the Canine Cooler creates a cool, comfortable place for your beloved pet to lay down (Not suitable for cats). It can help ease joint pains for your older pet and keeps younger active pets cool.  I have a dog with a very thick coat, who really struggles with the warmer weather and also has arthritis, the Canine Cooler is now on my pressie list for him.

Pillow Which Keeps Cool - Chillow Pillow
Canine Cooler helps your pets stay cool by dissipating heat from the blood supply running close to the surface of the body. The Canine Cooler is a well made, high-quality product, which has a number of unique design features:

  • Medical grade materials provide safety and durability.
  • Vacuum seal keeps hot air out and the patented core functioning at its coolest.
  • Soft, comfortable, flexible surface wipes clean and is allergy free.
  • Does not need refrigeration.
  • Once activated the Canine Cooler will keep on working without the need to activate again.

If like me, you overheat at night, or suffer with any of the above mentioned health issues, this little gem could be just what you need.  There are a number of different options, I tested the Original Chillow® but it is worth looking at the full range on the Personal Cooling Centre website.  They even do a range of Hotties for those who prefer something a little warmer!  Here are the links to their range of products:

Chillow Range
For Your Pets
CompuSooth (CompuSooth can help ease the aches and pains associated with daily computer use by reducing the swelling at its source)
Snowballs – Cool Pants for Men (Snowballs™ is a scientifically proven cooling underwear for men attempting to conceive)
Hotties Range – Keeping you Warm (microwaveable bottles and back wrap – no boiling kettles, no tricky stoppers, no danger of scalding)

Thanks for reading, if you do decide to click through to buy one, please make sure you let them know you heard about the Chillow® range through Life Begins At!  And please let us know how you get on with whichever product you buy – it’s always good to let other readers know the products we write about really work.

Right I’m off to lay my head on a cool pillow – oh the absolute joy!

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