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Oooops Moments – lights by TENA

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Are you finding you are having more Oooops Moments?  You know what I mean, those little leaks when you exercise, laugh, sneeze, cough or any other sudden pressure on the bladder!

You’re probably getting to know us by now and so know we are first in the queue to break down taboo subjects in women’s health and this is definitely one of those.  Which is bloomin ridiculous when you realise just how many women (and men too) the Oooops Moments happen to.

Which is why I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend a boot camp hosted by lights by TENA Lights at Champneys Springs in Ashby De La Zouch this Sunday just gone.  I quickly accepted the invite as it sounded like a fabulous afternoon of education, exercise and relaxation!

I didn’t get to see the itinerary until a day before I went, as I’d been on holiday and so was a little worried when I saw we would be doing a session of circuit training followed by a session of Yoga and we needed to go dressed in gym gear!  Not my normal attire!  Although it did make getting ready in the morning very easy and was the perfect clothing for humping bags and boxes up and down stairs when dropping my son off at Uni.

After dropping him off, I drove over to Champneys Springs, a spa I hadn’t visited before.  I knew even at the entrance I was in for a treat.

On arriving at the conference room, I was warmly welcomed by the lovely ladies from Myriad PR, who pointed me in the direction of the champagne, water and coffee and said we would be getting started in about 15 minutes.  I opted for a glass of champagne, guessing I’d need it to get through the exercise classes!

There was an excellent turn out of ladies from many different blogs and it was great to chat to a few of them before the presentation on lights by TENA started.  We were also treated to a delicious buffet of various wraps and sandwiches to eat during the presentation.


In the words of TENA “Life is one big adventure and everyone is more than happy to share the joys of getting older – earning your own money, getting married, having children, but what about the things #noonetoldme?

How true these words are, especially in your 40’s and beyond, as I know only too well!  As with many women’s health topics, it’s just not the done thing to talk about hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, irregular periods and the topic of conversation at the TENA Boot Camp, bladder leakage.  C’est La Vie, it happens to a huge number of us.

Which is why it is so fantastic lights by TENA have launched their #noonetoldme campaign to help you embrace the changes that life brings.  They want to hear what surprising #noonetoldme moments you’ve encountered and the great news is, in return you could win some fabulous prizes, from shopping vouchers to a city break.  All you need to do is visit to find out more and share your #noonetoldme moments (conditions apply).

As an example #noonetoldme I would go completely off sex during the perimenopause.  See our blog on this subject if you want to understand more about lack of libido Libido and the Menopause.  Another of my personal #noonetoldme moments is that no one told me I wouldn’t be able to dance in my usual way to Jump Around by House of Pain – that jumping up and down motion is a no no (perhaps not now I know more about lights by TENA!)

To understand just how absorbent they are and why it is important to use the right liner for the specific leakage, put bluntly urine is not the same liquid as blood!  lights by TENA Light Liner and lights by TENA Liner are specifically designed for bladder leaks and are 5 x drier than regular liners and 2 x faster at absorbing leaks than ordinary towels. Watch this video taken on the day by Ana at A New Addition Blog to see just how absorbent they are:-

Oooops Moments

lights by TENA Light Liner (left) – designed with the shape of a woman’s body in mind. Always Daily Liner (right) – more rectangular in shape.


What I also loved about the lights by TENA Light Liners is their shape and unique FeelFresh Technology, which contains a quick-dry top sheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to control moisture and odour.  Meaning, not only do they keep you dry they also ensure no odour and keep you fresh all day long, even if you have any Oooops Moments!



Seriously ladies, it’s so important not to feel embarrassed by something 1 in 3 women suffer from at some point during their lives.  Here’s some stats I was surprised by, which may help you to feel normal about what is happening to you:-

  • 9 million people experience bladder weakness
  • 65% of pregnant women and new mums experience bladder weakness
  • 1 in 10 admit it stops them doing something they want to do

You can even try lights by TENA Light Liners yourself for free by following this link FREE PRODUCT TRIAL.

After the presentation we were off for the boot camp part of the day.  We were taken to the fitness studio, where we met our coach, Craig, who told us to grab a mat and hand weight each and get ourselves set up for the circuit training!  At this point I wondered whether it would have been a good idea to trial the lights by TENA there and then!

Here’s a shot of all the lovely ladies who attended the bloggers boot camp day – before the circuit training I might add!

Oooops Moments

After this pic was taken we went to our mats and the circuit training began… OH MY GOD!  The class was taken by Craig and he got us doing 2 sets of 4 different sets of 4 moves – let’s just say a lot of moves!  In fairness, there were only a couple I couldn’t do and I even overheard some of the much fitter ladies say it was harder than they’d expected, so I felt pretty good and actually enjoyed it… who knew.

Then we were straight on to yoga and as the sun had made an appearance we were taken outside to a beautiful area, where our mats awaited us!  Not bad for a bit of Sunday afternoon yoga.

Oooops Moments

We all laid our mats out and waited for our instructor, so I asked one of the other ladies to take a quick snap, just to prove I was there…

Oooops Moments

Next thing we know Craig appeared and we realised he was also taking us for the yoga class – at this point I prayed it would be a little easier than the circuit training.

I’d managed to position myself in the middle of the group, so as not to be at the front and make a fool of myself. Unfortunately the sun was in our eyes so we were asked to turn around, which meant I was at the front!  Now I’ve done some yoga before but am by no means an expert, so hoped nobody would try to copy me and definitely didn’t want to have one of those Oooops Moments!

I needn’t have worried, Craig is a great teacher and actually being at the front made it easier for me to see exactly how to do the various moves.  Here are some of the group doing the Warrior pose!

Oooops Moments

This was a different style of yoga to what I’ve done before and although I liked Kundalini and Iyengar yoga, I felt right at home doing Hatha yoga, I seemed to get it and it seemed to get me!  I’m currently looking for a local class so I can start doing it regularly and even did a couple of the more simple moves at home today!  So huge thanks to Champneys and Craig for the introduction.  Lucy’s a Kundalini fan and you can read her blog on it here Kundalini Yoga.

You can find out more about the various types of yoga (of which there are many) by clicking on the following link to read our recent article Different Types of Yoga.

After the class had finished we were taken back to the conference room, half the group went off to have the spa treatments and the rest of us were treated to a lovely array of sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee (well we had just done two exercise classes in a row) and told to relax while we waited for our treatments.

Ooops Moments

As I had quite a drive home, I decided, reluctantly, to pass on the spa treatment.

I thanked the lovely ladies from Myriad PR, who very kindly gave me a goody bag, to go with the water bottle, towel and yoga mat we’d already been given we were truly spoiled.

Oooops Moments

Then, after helping myself to a yummy piece of banana cake (which I can’t have at home because Mr P can’t stand bananas and that would mean me eating the whole thing myself), I packed my bags and left what was not only a very educational afternoon but also thoroughly enjoyable.

Oooops Moments

If there is one thing I took away from the lights by TENA boot camp blogger event, it was that no matter what your age you may well encounter light leakage and those Oooops Moments are NOTHING TO BE EMBARRASSED ABOUT.  I also fully understand it can be embarrassing if it does happen and that is why lights by TENA Light Liners are such a great little product to have.  Gone are the days of making jokes about TENA pants – each and everyone of TENA’s products have a health problem they are giving a solution to and thank the lord for that (or perhaps we should thank TENA!).

We’re all told, normally after having a baby, to practice our pelvic floor exercises – I think I did mine for about 3 days, 21 years ago, so it’s no wonder that muscle weakens over time and with the pressure of child birth!  It is never too late to start strengthening your pelvic floor though and you will be amazed at the difference it will make to bladder weakness and reducing those Oooops Moments!

Oooops Moments



lights by TENA have a new app you can download to help train your pelvic floor – if you follow this link you can find out more and download the free app My Pelvic Floor Fitness, it can help improve your general health and even sex life!



We’ve also trialed and reviewed (or should I say Lucy has) a pelvic floor trainer called PeriCoach, which you can read all about here PeriCoach.

So, don’t forget to go to the Taboo Breaking No One Told Me website and visit the lights by TENA website to get your free sample and find out more about the full range of products and let’s all say C’est La Vie to those Oooops Moments!

Note:  this was a free blogger event sponsored by TENA but the opinions are all my own.


Diane xx


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