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NYR Organics – Becoming a Consultant

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Making 2016 Your Year of Change:

NYR Organics is right up LBAs street! Having had breast cancer and suffered from the aftermath of chemo I’m now super conscious of the chemicals I expose my skin to. So when I hear of a company that states its mission is “To make the safest, purest, most ethical and effective products in the world“. My ears are pricked and I’m intrigued, so delve a little deeper and discover there’s more to this company than just great products….

So, who are NYR Organics?

NYR Organics are the direct network selling arm of the award-winning and ethical brand “Neals Yard”. Launched 7 years ago to help expand the exposure of their ethical and organic product range. Enlisting independent consultants to represent the brand and in-turn providing the opportunity for women (and men) to work for themselves, to build a business that suits individual life-styles and needs. Part-time or full-time, without sales targets and pressures enabling you to paddle your own canoe (always loved that saying!)

Reasons to love this brand:

  • First health & beauty company to be branded 100/100 for ethics
  • Natural & organic ingredients
  • Homemade in Britain
  • Overseas ingredients are all fair trade – Awesome video of tribes women collecting frankincense : Watch
  • No animal testing
  • The products work
  • Independent family owned business

Life Begins At was set up to empower and inspire women to embrace change, well what better way than working for yourself! And having experienced NYR Organic we felt this could be just the change some of you are looking for! So, I met with Karen Waugh an independent NYR Organics consultant to understand more about the company and just how it works…..

I’m learning new tricks and this is my first filming endeavour, so please forgive some of the clunky editing (And “what the..” is going on with my mouth in the still below?! Teear thinks it’s reflective of my normal expressive facial gymnastics and having watch this back… He’s right, I’m a gurner!!)

Inspired and what to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining Karens’ team and building your own business with this lovely brand, then please do email or call Karen. She’s just wonderful and would be delighted to answer any questions or concerns: – Tel: 07876 495712 Or visit Karens website & register: HERE
You can live anywhere in Europe, so don’t worry about location as Karen can support you regardless of location!

Life Begins At were so impressed with the products (tested loads!) and the organic ingredients that we decided to sell the range via our site. So, signed-up and paid our £80. The website went live immediately and I received a bundle of goodies…. OMG, they are AMAZING! And will be sharing personal favourites very soon.

Your Starter Kit has everything you need to kick-start your business – it features a selection of best-selling products, a set of training materials and business tools for your first few events. Don’t forget you get a hosted website and all the training you need too!


NYR Organics

The Product Kit To Start Your Business

Experience NOT necessary

You don’t need years of beauty experience to start your own business. In fact you don’t need any. They want you to succeed, so will give all new Consultants ‘hands on’ training, and are there to support them all the way.

But, if you are a therapist this range is perfect to add to your treatment offer and will generate extra revenue via products sales.

NYR Organics makes it EASY

While the event experience is always the best way to generate sales, and income, your customers will be able to place orders with you at a event, via the NYR Organic catalogue, or direct through your very own personalised website at any time of the day or night.

NYR Organics


  • Have fun running your own business and earning extra money
  • Enjoy sharing award-winning organic beauty products you can believe in
  • Receive rewards, bonuses and promotions
  • Work hours that suit you and your family
  • Benefit from our excellent customer service support and free website
  • FREE training available
  • Low cost start-up: just £80.00

We’ll be sharing specific products reviews throughout the coming weeks but if you’re not interest in being a consultant but like the idea of the products please take a look at the site: HERE


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