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Skin Care For Mature Skin – Product Giveaway

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We posted this blog on Nurture Replenish Skin Care for Mature Skin back in February and are both now avid fans and use the products daily.  As we think they are “very good” we wanted to give two of our readers the opportunity to try one of the products themselves for free.

All you need to do is email us at and let us know you would be happy to review either of the products we would send you, either the Nurture Replenish Collagen Boosting Serum or the Nurture Replenish Night Cream. Make sure you include your name and country and we will email the two lucky readers to let them know which product we are sending them and give a few more details about the review (don’t worry we’re happy to write it, we will just need your feedback and a photo or two).  Go on, give it a go and let our readers know what you think!

See our full review below for more details:-

10 weeks ago I was introduced to and asked to review the award-winning Nurture Replenish skin care range, specifically designed for mature skin, effected by reduced oestrogen levels (mine!). Always being on the hunt for new products I was happy to oblige! Wanting to really put it through its paces and gain true results I used nothing else during that period. And with my complexion it sure did have it’s work cut out to impress! 10 weeks later…. I am impressed, it’s GOOD, actually VERY GOOD and so Affordable! But before we discuss the results let’s look at the background of the menopause and how it effects the skin. The reason mine’s been so problematic!

If you’ve read my personal bio you’ll be aware of my skin challenge since entering the menopause… basically what seemed like overnight my collagen up and left and rosacea moved in, now thankfully under-control(ish). But it took a good 2yrs before finding the right solution on how to handle this new complexion of mine, frantically googling, a small fortune spent on products promising miracle results that filled me with hope only to disappoint!

Right, lets look at the “Menopause” effect: 

Starting with the positives; Menopause signifies the end of the monthly inconvenience we ladies endure, goodbye PMS, cramps, pre-period spots, the dilemma on whether you should risk those light coloured trouser you love for that all important meeting without leaking! But those miseries are just replaced by a whole bunch of new ones….

Hot flushes, night sweats, lose of libido, memory loss, weigh gain, insomnia, mood swings, collagen loss, hormone triggered rosacea, dry or oily skin, extra facial hair and head hair loss (go figure that one!!) most of the above I’ve experienced (minus the facial hair, kindly spared that one, thank you universe!)

With that list it’s easy to blame ageing skin completely on the menopause, but let’s be honest, years of accumulated sun damage (who didn’t use Hawaiian Tropic in the 80s!!), lifestyle choices (too much alcohol, smoking and poor diets), and of course your genetics all has its part to play too. Then along comes the menopause and the results are skin becomes thinner, begins to sag and loses elasticity. Seemingly like me overnight many of us find skin has taken a nosedive toward looking older. Maybe those monthly cramps and mood swings weren’t so bad after all hey?

Taking this all into account it makes perfect sense that as we age and our skin changes, we should also change and adapt our skin-care to co-inside. Therefore I was excited to hear of a new range specifically designed to help replenish the skin during menopause and keen to put it to the test…

skin care for mature skin

Nurture Replenish Helping To Adapt to Changing Skin

The Results of my Nurture Replenish 10 Week Trial

Nurture Replenish Credentials and Background: 

The range has been developed with the expertise of doctors, dermatologists, trichologists and nutritionists and contains  phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens) to help replenish natural levels of oestrogen lost during peri-menopause/menopause.

So, How do phytoestogens benefit skin?skin care for mature skin

As the ovaries run out of eggs, oestrogen levels fall. Oestrogen stimulates the production of collagen, the supportive structure that gives skin its strength and density.

The process of skin cell turnover is also directly affected, with lower levels of oestrogen slowing down cell turnover. These factors cause three key changes to skin including: loss of radiance, thinner skin making it more prone to wrinkles, and a loss of moisture making skin much dryer.

Natural plant oestrogens in the replenish range mimic the action of natural oestrogen in the skin


Nurture Replenish Products Trialled:

The range is fairly extensive but I tested three of their products, a serum, a day cream and a night cream – providing a comprehensive skin-care moisturing regime. I’d normally wear a higher SPF factor than 15 so did wear additional sun-cream with a SPF factor of 40 when out. And  used my usual cleanser (Liz Earles Cleanses and Polish)

Collagen Boosting Serum: 
A 30ml tube containing a cream serum with phytoestrogens from soy bean extract: I applied the serum in the mornings after cleansing and before the day cream. It has a silky smooth consistency that blends and dissolves into the skin without leaving it feeling sticky. I loved this serum, loved the feel of it on the skin, genuinely felt is was helping tackle the fine lines and delighted in how far it goes – I’m still using the same tube 10 weeks later, amazing value at only £14.95 

Replenish Day Cream:
A 50ml jar containing a day cream with an SPF 15: Containing Lipobelle Soyaglycone, the most active form of phytoestrogens available, to stimulate the production of collagen and prevent degradation, improve skin density by up to 17%, and reduce lines and wrinkles. These work by replenishing natural hormone levels which are reduced during and after the menopause, in turn helping to re-boost collagen production. It states it’s clinically proven to make skin look 5 years younger.

My finding: A luxurious textured cream with a thickish consistency, that easily absorbs into the skin. My skin has a tendency to be on the dry side and felt really hydrated after applying. I’m also sensitive, if a products too rich can it cause break-outs but I had no negative reactions and my skin definitely looks plumper, smoother and lines do appear to be less visible. I’ve still got 30% left in the jar and at £13.95 that also amazing value. My only criticism is I’d like a higher SPF. 

Replenish Night Cream: 
50ml Jar containing a night cream: Like the day cream it contains Lipobelle Soyaglycone, and is very similar in consistency to the day cream, just a little richer but blends beautifully into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished. I usually use the Liz Earle night oil but I’m a complete convert, not only does my skin look and feel great it’s only £13.95 compared to the £60.00 I was paying for Liz Earle… No brainer!! Seriously, it’s not about price I’d happily pay the higher price for a product that was superior but this really is the best night cream I’ve found (so far!)

Intensive age-defying day cream SPF30: 

This product I haven’t tested but just reading the write up has me wanting to pop into the basket to buy! –  I’ve heard so many positives regards products containing Retinols. And it has the higher SPF I was after tooskin care for mature skin

The description: This highly-effective cream contains clinically proven ingredient, pure retinol. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture, reduce age spots and refine pore size. Patented MICROSPONGE® Sustained Release technology allows the retinol to be released slowly into the skin to minimise the possibility of irritation and produce visible anti-ageing benefits. Also with high level protection from both UVA and UVB filters with an SPF30. This day cream has also been formulated with vitamin E to provide extra environmental defence.

This special intensive day cream has been formulated with pure retinol (natural vitamin A), many other companies use cheaper alternatives such as retinol derivatives, which are less effective. To improve the hydration of the skin this cream this cream contains hyaluronic acid which helps to improve moisture retention, giving a more plumped, youthful look. In addition, we also use Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, a derivative of licorice. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and is very complimentary in retinol containing products.

How fabulous does that sound!! And only £15.95 I’ll let you know how I get on.

I notice they’ve also got 15% off all orders in June 2016 checkout their site: HERE

And right now we can offer a £5 off voucher: Click here to get £5 off at nurture skincare

Please feel free to share your experiences, concerns and successes with skin care, we’d love to her you’re favorite products and recommendations.


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