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Hello Lovely Readers and welcome to my review of Moroccana Argan Oil health and beauty products.

I received the products as part of a blogging assignment and I will be giving my honest review of the products I was sent to try.  Today’s blog is reviewing two of the products I was sent; the Moroccana 100% Organic Argan Oil and the Wild Rose Lip Scrub.

Morocanna is a fledgling company, who are passionate about their products and customer service.  They source their 100% Argan Oil direct from Morocco via local artisans and producers, never through middle men, which means all sales benefit the local community.  This really appeals to me, as you know the people who work extremely hard to harvest and create the product are being fairly rewarded.

About Moroccana Argan Oil

Moroccana Argan Oil is 100% pure, cold pressed and certified organic, made from the seeds of the fruit of the Argan tree, harvested and processed by hand by the Berber women from a small area in the the South-West of Morocco.  If you’ve read our Neals Yard blog, you will know how much we love and appreciate organic products (if you haven’t you can READ IT HEAR).

Incredibly, it takes 30kg of Argan fruit and 15 hours of work to produce just one litre of Argan Oil. The oil is totally pure, rich in vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids which are crucial to the skin’s health, with proven anti-ageing properties and can be used daily on your skin and hair.

Plus there’s even a culinary version of the oil which you can use to enhance your salads, couscous and tagines and as a daily supplement, just a spoonful a day having proven health benefits for lowering cholesterol and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.  I haven’t tried this product as yet, so am unable to comment personally.


100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

I’ve used an argan oil based product on my hair before but I found it made my hair feel heavy and slightly greasy, so I was excited to see if Moroccana’s 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil would be any different?

Moroccana Argan Oil

So I got to work using the Moroccano Argan oil on my hands, face, hair and even my partners face (Mr Perfect quite enjoyed his face massages but don’t tell his friends!).


You only need a couple of drops to moisturise your hands, the oil soaks in easily and left my hands feeling beautifully soft, without making them greasy.  I’m now using a couple of squirts twice a day to keep my hands soft and they definitely don’t look as dry and wrinkly!


I have quite sensitive skin and can suffer from blemishes if I use a product which is too rich or just contains an ingredient my skin decides it doesn’t like!  Which made me slightly nervous about using an oil on my face (something I have never done).  This is one of the reasons it’s taken me a little while to write this blog, because I had Mr Perfects 50th birthday celebrations coming up (I’ll be blogging on that soon), so decided to wait until after that, just in case I had a reaction!

Thankfully, there was no need to worry!  After cleansing in the morning I warmed 3 drops in the palm of my hands (by rubbing together) and then gently massaged the oil all over my face and neck (avoiding the eye area).  I even did some jaw line massaging (you know that area of your face which seems to sag first, under the chin and jaw), bend your index and middle finger on both hands and then put them either side of your chin, one finger above and one finger below the jaw line, then draw your hands towards your ears, the oil helps the fingers slide better (a little tip from a beauty therapist).

Moroccano Aran OilAfterwards my skin felt very soft and had a light glow.  The oil didn’t sink in quite as quickly as on my hands but that’s probably because I regularly moisturise.  It wasn’t a problem, I could still apply my make up on the days I needed to and loved the extra glow the oil gave my skin on the days I didn’t need to wear make-up (apart from mascara I have no make-up on in this picture).

As I mentioned earlier, even Mr Perfect had some Moroccano Argan Oil facial massages, which he must have enjoyed because he asked me to do it on the third day as I’d forgotten!  I actually found it very therapeutic giving a facial massage, the oil is so light and glides on effortlessly. Obviously he looked amazing afterwards, I mean it’s hard to improve on perfection but a definite slight improvement!


I’ve only used the oil a couple of times on my hair, the first time I used a little too much and it did make it slightly greasy, so the next time I only used 1 drop at a time, rubbed between my palms and applied it to the ends of my hair, where it was quite dry and the near the roots where it can be a little frizzy.  It worked far better the second time and added a lovely shine to my hair, without making it look greasy.  Definitely a case of less is more!  I can imagine this could make brunette hair look and feel amazingly healthy.

Retail Price:  50ML = £17.00  100ml = £25.00  £150ml = £32.00

Personally I feel this product good value for money, well priced for the overall quality and the fact a little goes a long, long way!

My Verdict:

I love this product!  The fact it’s 100% Organic makes me comfortable to use it on my face and I didn’t have any sort of negative reaction.  It’s great on dry skin, I have been applying it to my elbows, knees and heels and have seen a definite improvement in skin texture.  It’s a handy size bottle (I’ve got the 50ml) to go in your handbag, so you can use it throughout the day and the packaging is attractive too, brushed metal silver bottle, with simple logo and chrome top, looks and works like a high end product.  Will I buy Moroccana Argan Oil in the future – YES I will. 

Moroccano Rose Lip Scrub

Moroccano Argan Oil

Another 100% natural product, this lip scrub is made of only caster sugar, Moroccana Argan Oil and natural rose flavouring.  It smells incredible and tastes amazing too, that will be the sugar and rose!  I must admit I kept trying not to lick my lips as was slightly worried about consuming too much sugar!

That said, the combination of the sugar and Moroccana argan oil works really well at buffing off any dead skin from your lips and also moisturising them at the same time.  I apply a small amount to my index finger and then gently rub it into my lips in circular movements for a couple of minutes, then rinse off with water or damp tissue/cotton wool.

The scrub left my lips super soft, smooth and soothed.  It felt like all the dead skin had been buffed away.  You also don’t need to use very much, so the 15ml will last quite some time.

Moroccana Argan OilBy the way, there is no need to worry about licking your lips when using the scrub, it’s completely safe to eat! For even better results you can finish by applying their 100% natural lip balm, to keep your lips luscious for longer.

The lip scrub comes in 4 different flavours, grapefruit, orange blossom, verbena (lemon flavoured) and the one I’ve reviewed wild rose.

Retail Price: 15ml pot = £8.00

My Verdict:

Although I don’t use this as often as the oil, as soon as I feel like my lips are getting a little dry, I grab the pretty little pot and treat myself to a very tasty lip scrub, followed by the lip balm.  After a couple of applications I’ve found that my lips are free of dull and dry skin and lovely and soft.  A great new product to the market and I look forward to trying different flavours in the future.

If like us you love truly organic products – i.e. 100%, then take a look at the Moroccana Argan Oil website.  They are introducing new products all the time and I will be reviewing a couple more in the next couple of weeks or so.  To go straight to their site, simply click on their logo below…

Moroccana Argan Oil



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