Christmas Stress – Beat It With Meditation

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Have you got Christmas Stress, or general stress or anxiety?

I know every Christmas I end up stressed to the eyeballs, trying to juggle work, shopping, planning, decorating, nights outs, lunches out etc etc!  I also struggle to sleep, not sure if that is still childlike excitement or the ever increasing list of things to do.

Over the last few months I have been using a brilliant app called Headspace, which has been training me how to practice mindfulness with meditation and it definitely works for me (when I remember to do it, for best results you should do it every day).

So if Christmas Stress is getting to you, why not click on the link below and take advantage of the Headspace 10 day free trial.  You have nothing to lose but so much to gain – like feeling relaxed, not losing your temper, feeling in control, to name just a few.

Breath & Relax!

Breath & Relax!

We will be sharing more information on mindfulness and meditation in the New Year but thought you might appreciate getting some of your own “Headspace” over the Christmas holidays, so it made sense to share the link now.  Take yourself up to your bedroom, dim the lights and follow the instructions on the app – the training sessions are only 10 minutes each – surely you can sneak away for that long???

How can mindfulness meditation help you?

For thousands of years, meditators have claimed many benefits for their practice. Our experience, and that of Headspace members, suggests that regular mindfulness practice, through meditation, is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, relationship problems, addictions and more. It leads to peace of mind and wellbeing, greater focus and creativity and better relationships.  Scientists are finding evidence supporting many of these claims, you can read more about their discoveries on the Headspace website.
Click here to register and get your 10 day free trial.

Don’t forget to let us know if you give it a go, we would love to hear what you think and how you got on.

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