Making Friends with the Menopause - Book Review

Making Friends with the Menopause – Book Review

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Making Friends with the Menopause

I’ve just finished reading Making Friends with the Menopause by Sarah Rayner and Dr Patrick Fitzgerald and was pleasantly surprised to find it an easy read whilst extremely informative.

Many books about the menopause can be a little too scientific, which can make them a bit of a chore and, at times, difficult to understand, which may put some people off.  On the other hand, Sarah Rayner has managed to cover all the topics associated with the menopause and keep it fairly light hearted, which personally I like.

The book is written like a guide, covering various subjects in each chapter, which enables you to dip into it to suit your own personal menopause journey.  No two people go through exactly the same symptoms.

About the Authors

Making Friends with the Menopause - Book Review
Sarah Rayner is the author of best selling novel One Moment, One Morning, together with a number of other novels and also a warm and supportive book entitled Making Friends with Anxiety, where she draws on her own experiences.

Dr Patrick Fitzgerald is a GP in Cheshire, consulting on the menopause on a daily basis.  Sarah asks Patrick specific questions which he answers from a GP’s stand point, covering some of the trickier questions you may not know how to ask your own doctor.


About the Book

Written in bite size chunks the book covers the following topics:-
M is for Menstruation – a look at the origins of the menopause in terms of biology.
E is for Emotion – the effect on mood.
N is for Night Time – exploring why the menopause has an impact on us at night.
O is for One Size Does Not Fit All – looking at some of the lesser known effects of the menopause.
P is for Pressing Pause – the pro’s and con’s of HRT – is it right for you?
A is for Alternatives to HRT – acupuncture to yoga, a look at alternative approaches to managing symptoms.
U is for Upkeep – staying fit and well in post menopause.
S is for Sexuality – an open talk about secret symptoms of the menopause.
E is for Emergence – the end of one journey, the start of another.  Where next?

As you can see, it covers a wide range of subjects associated with the menopause.  What I particularly love about this book is how Sarah includes quotes from “real women” who are going through it themselves.  This has the effect of giving you some comfort and reassurance that you’re not the only one, which can give you a bit of a lift as you realise what you are experiencing is “normal”.

Each topic is broken down in to sub headings, making it easy to find specific information.  Personally I recommend reading the whole book.  It only took me a few bedtime reading sessions and because it was easy to read, informative and quite amusing in places, I looked forward to reading it.

The chapter “O is for One Size Does Not Fit All”, is particularly interesting because it covers symptoms which are less common.  Some of which I didn’t even know about as I don’t suffer with them, such as aching joints and itchy, crawling skin.  Not only does Sarah cover why you might be suffering with these symptoms, she also gives some advice on how you might be able to relieve them, which is extremely helpful.

I was delighted to see Sarah referenced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  and Meditation as a ways of coping with anxiety, mood swings and depression, click on the links to find out more on these subjects, which we have previously written about and agree help immensely (note: severe depression should be discussed with your GP).

If you have tried other menopause books in the past and found them a little less than interesting, I highly recommend treating yourself to Sarah Rayners Making Friends with the Menopause.  It’s really handy to have the information at hand, plus if you buy the e-book there are links to source material (you can download the e-book for FREE if you purchased the paperback from Amazon and the Kindle version is free for Amazon subscribers!), click the image/link below to BUY:-

UPDATE 9th March 2016 – FREE on Amazon today follow this link (after this date click below) FREE COPY MAKING FRIENDS WITH THE MENOPAUSE

Making Friends with the Menopause - Book Review


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