Hi, My Name is Lucy

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This is me Lucy Teear and my journey to blogging:

The above picture is Teear (Chris but affectionately referred to as Teear) and I on our wedding day 4yrs ago.

Right, where to start? I’m thinking the middle, effectively where I am today (assuming I have another 40yrs or so in me!)…..

A 47yr old, wife, mother and newly made grandmother living in a small hamlet in South Wales with Teear (that’s my husband) and a lively, downright gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla called Juno (the cider apple scrumper below). Oh nearly forgot Pixie the cat who’s completely neurotic! We arrived here from Northampton 3yrs ago after appearing on “A Place in Sun Home or Abroad”, yep bought a house on impulse and now making it work!

I’ve produced two wonderful boys; Paul, born just after I turned 16, we’ve grown, travelled and had such adventures together (I’ll write that book one day!) and Ben 22, football crazy and adorable – I miss them both terribly and have shared my experience and struggle with empty nest syndrome.  The latest additions to the family are the grandchildren Leo and Ivy. Who I totally forgive for the “Nana” title as fallen totally in love with the pair of them.

I’m a full-time sales manager in the construction industry, which means I’m away from home and staying in hotels far too much. Pretty much most of my blog writing will occur in hotel rooms. But I’ll not bore you with construction industry details, so swiftly moving on…

I’m currently experiencing the delights of an early(ish) (started at 42) menopause triggered by chemotherapy for aggressive breast cancer 5yrs ago (I’ve written about my breast cancer experience in more detail) . Which quite frankly was a walk in the park compared to the menopause which crept into the night stole my collagen, thoughtfully replacing it with hormone triggered Rosacea, resulting in a flushed red pustule face. And puncturing my once lively libido, leaving it floundering like a deflating balloon after a great party. Not the best dating profile (if one was required, I hasten to add). But what does it all mean, what’s next, do I withdraw from life, become invisible and go down without a fight? Or pick myself up and set out on a journey to solve this cryptic mystery of what comes next and rebuild a newer better me….

So, here I am today a newbie blogger learning new tricks with my great friend Diane and a vision to inspire women to change their attitude to age. So please join us on our journey to discover great style, health and lifestyle ideas… rising like a phoenixes out the ashes (blimey, getting a bit too carried away and passionate!).

We can fill in the blanks as we go along, but needless to say I’m excited to see where this goes! 

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