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Woman in Gold stars Helen Mirren as the elderly Maria Altman, an Austrian Jewish woman who fled Austria during the second world war when Vienna was occupied by the Nazi’s.  It’s based on a true story, which always pricks my interest, and is one of the best I have seen in a long time, even taking Oscar nominated and winning films in to account.
It’s an entertaining film with much warmth and humour, and will teach you something about history, law and the incredible power of never giving up.  Brilliantly acted by Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds and compassionately written by Simon Curtis.  Well worth a watch!
A brief synopsis – Sixty years after fleeing to America from Vienna, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), an elderly Jewish woman, attempts to reclaim family possessions that were seized by the Nazis. Among them is a famous portrait of Maria’s beloved Aunt Adele: Gustave Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, now simply know as Woman In Gold. With the help of young lawyer Randy Schoeberg (Ryan Reynolds), Maria embarks upon a lengthy legal battle to recover this painting and several others from the Austrian Government, but it’s by no means easy, as Austria considers them national treasures.
Initial release: February 9, 2015
Why do I feel this film was so good?  I did a bit of History at school and have seen many films and documentaries on the second world war but Woman in Gold seemed to portray how the war impacted people personally.  It moves from war time to current day and focuses on one family during the war, a wealthy family, with many valuable possessions. You get a feel for how the family lived and their relationships with each other.  In the current day parts it focuses on the now elderly Maria and her relationship with her young lawyer and his family.
When this film was released in 2015 the usual critics didn’t give it very glowing reviews, if I had listened to them I would not have watched this film.  I am so glad I didn’t!  I found it to be absorbing and very moving at times. Beautifully portraying the effects the invasion of the Nazi’s had on families but also the ongoing impact the Holocaust had on families on both sides.

Woman in Gold also shows you are never too old to take on new challenges, Maria Altmann is absolute proof of that in this film and I found her truly inspirational.  A remarkable woman who deserved to have this very touching film made about her.  It made me laugh and cry, which all the best films should and interestingly Mr Perfect also thoroughly enjoyed it, so one for everyone.   Highly recommended.

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