Different Types of Yoga

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I’m a novice when it come to Yoga but am keen to get to grips with it. In preparation I decided to find out more about the different types of Yoga out there and there is truly something for everyone.

It’s surprising how many there are and I’m certain there are many more than this around the world!  From gentle alignment and calming to poses on a paddle board on water – there is bound to be something in this list which you will peak your interest.

If like me you’re interested in Yoga but don’t really know where to start, this blog may just help you decide which you’d like to try and give you the motivation to take your first step towards a healthier more centred you!

What are the Different Types of Yoga

Here’s what I found out about a number of different types of yoga, together with links for any of you who want to delve a bit deeper!

Here are a couple of articles which go in to more detail of what you can expect from the Yin style of yoga.  Yin Yoga What You Need To Know and Yinyoga.com


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