Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Special Offer

Colour & Body Shape Analysis – Two Special Offers

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Two Special Offers – Colour & Body Shape Analysis

A couple of weeks ago we bought you the Life Begins At Style Boost offer, detailed in the blog below.  We are now delighted to be able to bring you the chance to receive the Colour Analysis without the inclusion of the body shape, at a reduced price, as we had quite a few people who felt they didn’t need advice on body shape.

If you would like to take advantage of this fabulous service at the extremely affordable price of £49, click on the pink box below to find out more.  Once you go through to the Looking Stylish page there is a “Buy Now” button at the bottom, click on that, make payment and you will then be sent a questionnaire to fill out to enable Maria to create your Personal Colour Dossier.  It will take approximately 2 to 3 days to be sent to you and will arrive via email.  Please don’t forget to say you heard about the offer from Life Begins At…Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Two Special Offers

Original Colour & Body Shape Analysis Review & Offer

We can’t tell you how excited we are to bring you our colour & body shape analysis special offer, with the Life Begins At Style Boost.  A unique package specially created for our readers!

In conjunction with style expert, Maria Sadler at Looking Stylish, who we recently shared an article on, giving you a brief insight into Colour Analysis and how best to wear the colours which suit you.

Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Special Offer

The article was so well received we decided to ask Maria if she would put together a style package specifically for our readers.  We’re delighted to say Maria was only to happy to oblige and has spent the last few weeks working with us to bring you a unique offer which we believe is truly too good to miss!

On top of that, to ensure it was great value for money, Diane has gone through the full process herself, so is now able to give you a review of this fantastic service, please read on to find out exactly how the Life Begins At Style Boost works…


If you have read any of my posts on fashion, you will know I have always struggled with “getting it right”.  When Lucy and I started LBA we wanted to have a style section, as we felt it was an area women of our age were particularly interested in, we didn’t however, have the experience or know how to bring you first hand information.  One of the style topics we were both really interested in was colour analysis and dressing for the new body shapes we now seemed to have.

I did some research on line and was delighted when I found the Looking Stylish site, for two reasons, one it offered some free advice on which colours suit you and secondly, if you wanted to get more in depth help they offered various other services, depending on what your needs were.  Just looking at the site, you got a feeling they knew what they were talking about.

Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Special Offer

So we approached Maria to check we could share her free advice and after some communication decided to meet up. We haven’t looked back since and the outcome of our meeting was the superb Life Begins At Style Boost offer.

It’s so simple to do and is done from the comfort of your own home, an absolute blessing for busy women, who may always have wanted to get their colours analysed but just never had the time.  If like us you’ve started to feel invisible or that you’ve lost your identity, this is a really fantastic starting point to help you regain or increase your confidence.

  1. Start by clicking on the “Need a Style Boost” link further down this article, once you’ve gone through to the Looking Stylish page, which gives you an overview of the service, you can click on the  “Buy Now” button, which takes you through to PayPal for you to pre-pay for the service.
  2. Once your payment/order is received by Looking Stylish, you will be redirected to the Life Begins At Style Boost questionnaire, you will also receive an email from Maria with a link to the questionnaire, if for any reason you aren’t redirected when you pay.
  3. The questionnaire is simple to complete, you will need one head and shoulders and one full length photograph to upload for Maria to review for your colouring and body shape.  You are then asked a number of questions; eye and hair colour, height, bra size, what size top do you wear, what size skirt and trousers do you wear, your body loves and dislikes and your biggest wardrobe dilemma. I love that I was asked all these things because it makes the Style Boost personal.
  4. Once you’ve completed your questionnaire and your photo’s have uploaded, click the send button and sit back and wait for your personal Style Boost Booklet to arrive by email!  It will take 2 to 3 days, as each one is prepared personally for the individual.  This is the cover page of the booklet, you’ll have to order your own to see the rest!Colour & Body Shape Analysis

When the much anticipated email pinged into my inbox it was like Christmas all over again (except better).  I downloaded the Style Boost Booklet and opened it straight away (work could wait!).  I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH WHAT I GOT BACK!  It was far more in depth than I had imagined and as I read through, I realised why certain outfits I’d worn in the past had provoked positive comments and also why I have so many clothes I never wear.

For instance when I was in my late teens I had a shirt style dress in a sandy colour, which zipped down the front and pulled in at the waist.  I remember getting lots of compliments when I wore that dress and now after many years I realise it was due to both the colour and shape!  For the last 25 years I’ve tried to find something similar but to no avail!

On the other hand, I also have numerous cotton blouses/shirts in my wardrobe, I love a crisp white shirt (on other people) and keep buying them to see if I can get one that fits and suits me…. guess what, I still haven’t managed.  The reason?  I’m fairly large busted and have just been informed, in my Style Boost booklet, that cotton shirts are likely to gape on me.  Guess what?  They do!  Which is why I don’t wear them.  Plus as much as a white shirt looks stunningly stylish on some people, they really don’t do much for me, why?  Because they aren’t my colour!  Seriously, it’s a revelation.

Anyway I’ve digressed from my review…

What Will You Get For Your £99?

In my opinion and as previously mentioned, so much more than I expected, which is always a bonus as you feel you truly got your monies worth.  I don’t want to spoil the excitement I felt when I first opened mine up, by giving it all away, but I think it’s important to give you an idea of what you can expect for your investment and believe me, it really does feel like a good investment!

  • Learn what your dominant colour characteristic is and your skin tone.
  • What to avoid
  • Best neutral colours (what should be the foundations of your wardrobe)
  • What colours you should mix with your neutrals and accent colours for your colouring
  • Tips on your best colour combinations
  • Your best colour combinations for Spring
  • How to wear black
  • What colour glasses would best suit you
  • What colour jewellery would best suit you
  • Your best make-up shades
  • Some ideas for this season
  • Ideas on how to mix colours together (based on your colouring)
  • Colour swatches
  • What your body shape is
  • Tips on what suits your body shape
  • Styles which suit you body shape
  • Materials which best suit your body shape
  • Lots of photographs throughout to give you inspiration

Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Special Offer


Seriously, if you don’t think that is worth £99.00 then I don’t know what is!  I honestly believe, by knowing I’m a “Light (dominant) Warm (skin tone)” colouring and a “Neat Hour Glass” shape, plus all the colours and styles of clothes which best suit  me, I will never waste money on clothes again!  Because everything I buy will suit me and enhance my colouring and figure.  CLICK “NEED A STYLE BOOST” TO BUY YOURS NOW.




Out with the black, or at least only wear it with colours or jewellery from my Style Boost Booklet.  In with my basic neutrals and lots and lots of colours which will suit me, to go with them!

I am itching to go shopping to try on my new colour pallete to see what they do for me, not to mention buying shapes and styles which will flatter my figure.  When I do, I will do an article to show you some of the outfits!

If you are at that stage where you need a bit of va va voom back in your life, I would strongly recommend treating yourself to this service.  No matter what your age, it’s so important to feel your very best and looking good is a massive part of that.  Go on, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!

Also, if you are interested in a more in-depth service, take a look at the Looking Stylish site.  Maria offers a Capsule Wardrobe service, Capsule Wardrobe Builder service (currently a waiting list) and a VIP Styling service.  You can also sign up for the Style Club on Facebook, which is an online digital magazine which will give you a lot of information if you know your colours.  Why not give the Life Begins At Style Boost a go and we bet you’ll be tempted by Maria’s other services, I know I am.  Click on the links below to find out more.

Colour & Body Shape Analysis - Special OfferColour & Body Shape Analysis - Special Offer





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