Colour Analysis – Your Best Colours & How To Wear Them

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How many of you know your best colours and how to wear them?  I for one have always wanted to get a professional colour analysis done, I always play it far too safe (which can be classed as boring).  Not only that, for many, many years I have worn black and lots of it, only to be told a few years ago it is one of the colours I shouldn’t wear!  WHAT – I can’t wear black, WHY – I love it, all my favourite clothes are black and every year I buy at least one new key item in black!

I think if I’d got a professional colour analysis I would have understood why black doesn’t really suit me – but as with most things we could do for ourselves in life, I have kept putting it off, whether it be due to cost or time, I always had a reason not to go and find out what really suited me.

Then as if by magic I came across this article, which I found 1. really interesting, 2. easy to understand and 3. bloody good advice – sometimes the “universe provides” (that’s one of mine and Lucy’s favourite mantra’s, perhaps we will go into that another time, gosh so many things to write about!)

Anyway, it got me thinking it would be a great blog to share with you all – I can’t be the only one who doesn’t have a damn clue what colours to wear?  Here it is, courtesy of the very generous Maria at who offers a number of other brilliant fashion services, which I may well be looking into in a bit more detail in the future, which I’m very excited about, so keep an eye out.  Anyway, read away, you will not be disappointed…

Your Best Colours and How To Wear Them – from Looking Stylish

The first step in looking fabulous every day is at your fingertips. Read the descriptions below and decide which of the dominant types sounds most like you – your online colour analysis is here! (If you would like a done for you Personalised version check out the Online Colour Analysis Dossier which includes outfits, seasonal trend colours and how to wear fashion colours personalised just for you)

Then download your tip sheet which includes:

  • Your best colours for clothes
  • Which makeup colours to choose
  • Your best jewellery options
  • Which frames you should choose for glasses
  • How you can wear black even if it’s not right for your dominant type.

So Which Dominant Type Are you?
Are you the LIGHT woman?

Light women have fair hair, light blonde or white, they have light blue or green eyes and porcelain skin, their overall appearance is delicate.
Download your tip sheet for Light Women

Are you the DEEP woman?

Deep women have dark brown to black hair, dark brown eyes and skin that could be dark or pale. Their overall look is strong.
 Download your tip sheet for Deep Women

Are you the WARM woman?

There will be some evidence of red or auburn in your hair. It may be in a colour range from the lightest strawberry blonde to rich dark auburn. You may have blue, green or brown eyes. There may be lots of freckles but it’s always the auburn hair you see first! Their overall look is golden.
Download your tip sheet for Warm women

Are you the COOL woman?

Cool women will have sliver or ash blonde hair and sometimes black, she has blue or grey eyes, and pink cheeks, there is an absence of warm to her skin. Their overall look is cool and steely.
Download your tip sheet for the Cool woman

Are you the CLEAR/BRIGHT woman?

The bright or clear woman will have medium to dark brown hair, their eyes will be bright blue or green and a dominant feature, their skin will be pale and fresh looking. Their overall look has a lot of contrast between the pale skin dark hair and bright jewel like eyes.
Download your tip sheet for Clear women

Are you the SOFT/MUTED woman?

You are neither a Light type nor a Deep type. You may describe your own colouring as ‘mousy’. You will have neither very blonde nor the darkest of brown hair. Your eyes will vary from brown to hazel, grey green and blue grey. Your overall look is muted and blended, with no great contrast between the hair, eyes and skin.
Download your tip sheet for Soft women

It would appear I am a Warm Woman, Mr Perfect may disagree with that, but we are talking my colour analysis style not my heart!  I’ve read the tip sheet and have to say it makes sense.  There are loads of colours I would never have dreamt of looking at, let alone buying – suffice to say, next time I go clothes shopping I am going to take the sheet with me and try on some different hues and see what I think.

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