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Claudia Fallah Skin Care Range

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Sensitive Skin Care

I’ve made no secret of my challenging skin, as most recently highlighted in the “Curing Rosacea” article. And was introduced to the Claudia Fallah skin care range for sensitive skin by the wonderful Tracey McAlpine founder of “Fighting Fifty“. Who invited me to test and review a specific Claudia Fallah product call “Intensive Repair Crème”. Ideal for traumatised skin such as rosacea and perfect for post IPL (laser treatment). My full review of “Intensive Repair Crème” is below and can also be viewed on FF along with the six other reader reviews.

Claudia Fallah Skin Care Specialist

Claudia Fallah Skin Care

Claudia Fallah Skin Care Guru

You may not have heard of Claudia Fallah, a skin guru with a celebrity client list and dubbed by the press as London’s “best kept secret”.  She began training in Germany with noted dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, graduating in 1989.  Realising her vocation was to specialise in sensitive and traumatised skin Claudia moved from Germany to London in 1995. With just £300 in her pocket and a desire to be nearer to the centre of excellence known internationally as Harley Street. She set up her clinic helping clients with the most problematic skin condition, quickly becoming renowned for restoring healthy complexions and rebuilding confidence.

As her knowledge and experience grew she developed her own range of products in the late 90’s. Initially for use in her own clinic but due to the products incredible ability to heal the skin it was picked up and used by therapists, dermatologists and Harley Street cosmetic surgeons.

Claudia approach has been to develop products designed to exploit the proven advances in cosmetic technology whilst avoiding skin-unfriendly ingredients. Most of the products on the market labelled for sensitive skin can actually be more of a problem than a solution for people with sensitive/traumatised skin… Something I’ve certainly experienced!

Claudia changed her business model of 27 years from treating clients in her clinic, to becoming more involved with the development of her products and bringing them to the world populace. Many of whom suffer in silence with sensitive skin due to poor ingredients in their present skincare regimes.

Celebrity Aesthetician Claudia Fallah’s skin care philosophy has always been clear, ‘I never incorporate any ingredient in my skin care formulations that does not have a purpose. Many years of training with some of the world’s renowned herbalist and skin care names has revealed to me the healing and restorative properties of some of nature’s gifts. I only use the highest grade ingredients and will guide you to identify the products that will heal and bring your skin back to optimum balance’.

Claudia Fallah Skin Care Range

The range includes 9 targeted products addressing differing concerns and provides a comprehensive skin care regime. Containing only high quality ingredients that have a genuine purpose, a reason to be included and no harsh chemicals.

My Intensive Repair CrèmeReview:

My only experience of the range is with Intensive Repair Crème and here’s my review provided to Fighting Fifty:

Intensive Repair Creme

Intensive Repair Creme

“I have what you might call a “challenging” complexion; it’s been my Achilles Heel all my life. And the menopause certainly hasn’t helped. It’s sensitive, prone to eczema and the latest affliction “Rosacea”. So, Claudia Fallah Intensive Repair Crème had quite a test!

Because of issues associated with extremely sensitive skin I have to be careful what I use, the wrong ingredient can result in quite a severe reaction. Therefore I researched Claudia Fallah and comforted by her approach to “avoiding skin-unfriendly ingredients” and gave it go, here’s my experience…

My rosacea is kept under-control with regular laser treatments, which provides amazing results but does leave the skin red, sore and in-need of intense hydration for a day or two. On my last session I took the Intensive Repair Crème and applied directly after the treatment. It was amazing, immediately calmed and soothed, without any irritation and I continued to use twice daily for the follow week. I usually experience minor swelling after a laser treatment but that seemed less pronounced this time, I can’t conclusively say that’s due to the application of Intense Repair Crème but it was enough to convince me to continue using it.

A little goes a long way; two pumps are sufficient for a complete facial application. I love the texture of my skin after applying, which can only be described as soft and rubbery (springy, supple). Although an intense hydrating cream it’s not too rich, so absorbs into the skin without the usual sticky residue. I did return to my lighter day moisturiser for every day use once my skin had recovered and no-longer required the extra hydration. But Intense Repair Crème will definitely remain in my skin-care arsenal for rosacea flares up, post laser treatment and the times my skin is in need of extra TLC.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an effective hydrating cream for sensitive and problematic skin”.

The Full Range of Claudia Fallah Products Can be Viewed in Full Here

I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting Claudia, but having watched an interview with Tracey McAlpine I’m left with no doubt she’s genuinely passionate about helping those desperate to resolve debilitating skin issues…. I know I’d like her very much.

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