Avoiding the Mutton

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I don’t know about you but I never seem to get fashion right, never have really!  I am terrified of putting myself out there and getting it wrong and having people judge me, as either frumpy or god forbid “Mutton dressed as a lamb”.  


In my finest hour!

I saw a good example of this a couple of weeks ago whilst in a supermarket in the home counties.  I was following a lady along the checkouts, she had very long blonde hair, tousled to perfection, high heeled black boots, skin tight jeans and a black leather jacket – she looked incredible… from behind!  Near the exit to the store I needed to get a newspaper, I had my head down reading the headlines and when I looked up the “super blonde” was stood right in front of me and I was shocked, no honestly, I literally had to stop myself from gasping and quickly raised my chin from my chest!  The lady was about 55-60, so nowhere near the age I was expecting from her rear view!  Please don’t take what I’ve said the wrong way, as far as I’m concerned it’s each to their own and she looked extremely confident in herself, so who am I to judge?  All I could think afterwards was how devastated I would be for someone to think I was in my early 20’s from behind, only to be shocked when they saw my face!  Which is where the dread of dressing inappropriately for my age comes from.

However and it’s a big however, I do not want to dress like a frump for the rest of my life.  As one of my friends said, “is it wrong that I want to wear the same clothes as my daughters?”  The answer is quite categorically NO, it’s how you wear them that matters.  Which is the reason for us having a fashion section on our blog.

We do not claim to be fashion experts by any stretch of the imagination, infact Lucy and I would both like some help with getting it right.  So we will be linking up with a few popular fashion bloggers, we have found some amazing women who have just “got it” and advise on how you can too.  Plus we will be sharing some of our own blogs with you too, have visions of us scouring the shops and trying on outfits with the goal of finding our own styles, then sharing them with you (good and bad, afterall we like nothing better than people laughing at our expense!)

What would be fantastic is if you could share your successful outfits with us too, whether it be a casual look or dressed up to the nines for a special occasion, take a photo and post it on our site.  Also, if you see any great offers or sales tell us about them so we can all benefit (obviously you get first dibs, that’s only fair).

To finish I thought I would share a photo of me at my finest hour!

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