We’re not Doctors or Guru’s, in fact we’re just two ordinary women, or should we say extraordinary, as we believe that’s what all women are!  That said, there are times when we all feel less than our best and our aim is to empower women to embrace change and discover the magic!

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Lucy & Diane


LBA was born out of necessity, after searching for answers to personal struggles due to the menopause and associated symptoms. It became apparent menopause sites available to women tend to be fairly sterile and medical, nothing that quite resonated – we’re in our forties not collecting pensions! We still had a desire to be desired, to look and feel amazing and not become “the invisible” and disappear. There’s plenty of GREAT blogs focusing expertise on specific subjects and some we’d love to collaborate with, but we wanted to cover a breadth of subjects, as the menopause effects all aspects of life from health to happiness! We hope to encourage women to interact and become part of a sharing community…


As an interactive support network LBA is a place for women to share ideas, positive stories and support one another, or simply ask questions, in a safe and anonymous environment, lets face it the best advice can come from others who have faced and overcome similar challenges!

Basically we’re on a quest to find the elixir of eternal youth…. Wouldn’t that be a fine discovery! Keeping within the realms of reality we’ll have to find the next best things to help smooth the way! Whether that be beauty, fashion, remedies, changing lifestyle design or finding coping mechanisms…. We’ll have it covered!


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We’re excited to see where this adventure takes us, hopefully to meet new friends and learn new trick!

Lucy & Diane Xx