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Crikey you clicked through, I’m touched you want to know more!

I’m 47 years young, living in sin for the last 13 years with my “perfect” partner (that was his description of himself, I will keep my opinion to myself for now!), I have one incredible son, Josh, who is 20 and living away at university, plus 3 step children, who have been a very special part of my life for 15 years. Then there is our very delightful dog, Storm, who we inherited (yes literally) 18 months ago and has had a massive impact on both mine and my “perfect” partners lifestyle (for the better).

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

So why have we decided to start a blog? After being knocked off my feet, not quite literally, by some biological changes going on with my body and feeling pretty helpless about it, I got chatting with Lucy, who was already well into the dark depths of menopause, brought on early by chemotherapy, we realised that talking openly and sharing different information we had researched independently really helped us get a better understanding of what was happening. We also gave each other hints and tips on what was working for us so the other could try it and in many cases it worked.

This led onto other areas we have struggled with as we’ve got older, dressing for our age without looking frumpy, changing what we eat to help with energy levels and skin problems, getting more balance in our very busy lives (we both work full time) through meditation and yoga, the list became much longer than we ever thought. With all of this in mind we wondered how many other women could benefit from a forum specifically for our age group and Life Begins At was born.

Why Life Begins At? We genuinely believe age is only a number, there is so much to get out of life and to do that you need to feel fit, healthy, happy and stress free and you can choose to make changes in your life at any age. So in our humble opinion, Life Begins At… the moment you decide it does, small changes can make a huge difference and we want to have a place where, as a group, we can share great things which have made a positive difference in our lives. Follow our blog for some great articles and please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, it’s our community who are going to make this work, you tell us what content you want and we will do our best to provide!

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