30-40+ Blogger Meet

30 – 40 + Blogger Meet

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‘Life Begins At’ aim is to empower and inspire women to embrace change, go outside comfort zones and to search and discover passions beyond 40. This comes from personal experience, after hitting Peri-Menopause Diane and I both experienced a sense of confusion about who we were and what was left to come. We’re still rookies at this blogging game and to discover a network of supportive women also putting themselves out there is real a boost to the confidence, never more so than The ‘Hope sponsored 30-40 Blogger Meet‘ we attended this week in London….

30 – 40+ Blogger Meet

A blogger meet organised and hosted by the rather wonderful Catherine from ‘Not Dressed as Lamb‘ and sponsored by ‘Hope Fashion‘, a newly launched brand of fabulous fashion wear specifically aimed at the 40/50+ women. And hosted at The Imperial restaurant, bar and garden in a stunning Victorian building in the heart of Chelsea. We arrived to be greeted with a glass of prosecco and a rather lovely goodie bag – 47 years old and still super excited by sparkle, tissue paper and pretty colours! They contained fabulous gifts including:

My Lizzy o Diamante Wrap Bracelet

My Lizzy o Diamante Wrap Bracelet

  • A beautiful, sparkly wrap bracelet from Lizzy O: Lizzy O sells a collection of quality Danon jewellery, which is handcrafted in Israel – I was already a fan, as bought a bee charm bracelet a few weeks ago (which I just adore!)
  • A Laura Geller waterproof eyeliner: Having used it a couple of time I love, it provides a luxurious texture and soft colour. I’m new to the brand but they state their approach to make-up is to empower and brings out the best in womans beauty, through innovative textures and formulas…. That certainly resonates.
  • A Burt’s Bee shimmer lip balm: Not used as yet but who doesn’t love Burt’s Bee products, an ethical and natural brand so very much looking forward to giving my lips a treat.
  • A sample of Verso Super Eye Serum: Containing Retinol 8. Looking forward to testing this out on my crowfeet lines!
  • I Love… Lemon Sorbet: A refreshing body spritzer, having sensitive skin I’m nervous about putting anything on that’s not organic and natural, but it’s smells beautiful and will make a lovely gift for one of my lucky friends.

The Day’s Activities:

Much mingling, chatting and laughing, with so many awesome women in attendance there was plenty of inspirational stories of challenges, life changes and chasing dreams to keep Diane & I enthralled… right up ‘Life Begins At’ street! Followed by a scrumpious lunch, with more fun and frolics – I sat next to  Yvonne a Kiwi, living in Zürich and fashion and lifestyle blogger from FunkyForty…. She had me in stitches, do checkout her site and you’ll see from her profile photo, she’s a real character with great style.

The host Catherine presented a Q&A session on how to win at blogging, throwing up some brilliant insight into keeping it real and relevant for our readers including:


LOVED this, thank you Catherine…. Exposing personal content can feel mighty uncomfortable, something we’ve definitely experienced as cover very personal subjects; menopause and breast cancer journeys for example! But for us it’s important we share those challenges to help breakdown societies taboos and ultimately help others in similar situations. It’s about to get juicer as I’m currently writing a piece on weak pelvic floors and leakage, which is due to be featured in the Mirror along with my photo (no hiding!) But as my husband said when asked if I should do it? “If you want to be a maverick and raise awareness of ‘taboo’ womans health issues, you’ve gotta be brave and put yourself out there!” He’s dead right.

Hope Fashion:

Hope Fashion

Sharron from ‘Keeping it Fabulous’ trying on Hope fashion Range

Hope Fashion was recently launched by Nayna McIntosh, who’s ex M&S to provide a much needed range of clothes specially designed for women like Diane & I, in our forties tired of trying to find clothes that fit beautifully, with consistent sizing and are not generic high street!

Nayna is such an inspiration, she shared the Hope conception story, the company ethos and aspirations, but I can’t go into too much detail as Diane is writing a specific article on Hope Fashion and the interview we had with Nayna (she’s an incredible woman) but I do urge you to checkout their website.

We had an opportunity to try on the beautiful range, experiencing first hand the quality and fit. Here’s me lending my silver Vans to Sharron from ‘Keeping it Fabulous‘  – checkout her site, she’s a talented photographer so the images are stunning and you’ll read some great articles too.

Generously Hope kindly gifted us each a BEAUTIFUL merino cashmere poncho, which gifted me more than just the poncho, pink is a colour I would’ve never have chosen, but I really LOVE it and it’s given me the confidence to think outside of my colour comfort zone so “Thank you” Hope and Nayna. (I will share a photo as soon as I’ve the opportunity)

Jen Hamley With The Gorgeous Model KT Work Bag

Jen Hamley With The Gorgeous Model KT Work Bag

The ModelKT Work Bag – It’s Blooming Lush!!

I want to talk about another inspirational lady we met Jennifer Hamely, a British independent handbag designer who took a leap of faith to follow her creative dream and “design for the stylish, high-performing women of today – Women who live life by their own rules, who work hard & follow their dreams”…..  With that as her motivation you know before you even see the bags they’ll be awesome and believe me they truly are! She’s a two-time winner at the Independent Handbag Designer Awards too, accolade indeed.

Watch out for a next weeks post on Jen and her AWESOME bags, I’ve already pledge to buy a ModelKT, (but don’t tell Teear!)

So, at our first ever ‘Blogger Meet” event, we bonded with fellow bloggers, learnt new tricks and came away with a few ideas on where we’re going next…. Watch this space!

When you discover gems it’s only fair to share – So here’s a few of the fabulous bloggers we bonded with and recommend checking out:

And too many more to keep listing, but you can view all of the wonderful bloggers on 30-40+ Blogger Meet 

Lucy x



  1. Julie

    Lovely to meet you and Diane on the walk to the event from the tube. This is a great write up.

  2. Laurie

    It was such a great day wasn’t it? Big up to you Lady on your Mirror article. It was lovely meeting the pair of you & thanks for the shout xx

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Laurie,
      Really was a fab day, good getting to mingle with a bunch of lovely inspirational ladies. Thank you for the big up 🙂 x

  3. Eddie

    Wonderful wirte-up, Lucy! It was great getting to know you and Diane. And I’ve been telling stories about the meet to Artie (my hubby&partner in crime) for a week, so I guess he also has the feeling he’s met everybody by now. He might become the first 30-40+ guy blogger to come to the next meetup 😉
    Really could not have hoped for a better start, and the amount of support and positivity at the event was amazing. Looking forward to meeting you guys again!


    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Eddie, great to hear from you. Isn’t lovely when you have a day that gets you buzzing with positivity :-). So good meeting you, absolutely get your hubby there for next one, be great to meet him too x

  4. Avril

    Lucy what a lovely post and thanks for the mention – very sweet. I think you two are a great combination! Hope to see you at another event soon. It’s so nice to meet other sassy women giving the menopausal stereotype the finger. X

    1. Author
      Lucy Teear

      Hey Avril, thank you that’s really kind. It really was great meeting so many inspirational, interesting and vibrant women. Absolutely, look forward to our next meeting x

  5. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Lucy thank you for such a wonderful write up and all your kind words!! It was lovely to meet both of you, I’m so glad you had a good time… I couldn’t have wished for it to have gone any better, and I agree with what you said about there being so many awesome women there. I think it proved once and for all that older women are a real force in blogging – the support and friendships that have come about as a result of the meet is testament to that!!

    Hope you’re well and to see you both again very soon 🙂

    Much love
    Catherine x

  6. Michelle

    It was a wonderful meet up, and I simply can’t wait for the next one! We’re going to have to nag Catherine until she organises it 🙂
    Michelle xx

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